The DIY all-purpose cleaner with just three ingredients!

This DIY trick requires just three ingredients, leaves no streaks and will only cost you $0.65 to make! My family now swears

This DIY trick requires just three ingredients, leaves no streaks and will only cost you $0.65 to make!

My family now swears by this mix to clean the kitchen, fridge, oven and appliances.

It’s also incredibly useful for bathroom tiles, wooden tables, mirrors and glass windows. Have you tried this formula for yourself? Here’s how…


  • Water
  • White vinegar – the smell will only last a few seconds and then vaporise
  • Eucalyptus oil, which has 10 benefits of use (if you don’t enjoy the smell substitute for tea tree oil)
  • Empty spray bottle (clean).


  1. Fill water into the spray bottle half way
  2. Fill remaining half with white vinegar
  3. Add 10mls of eucalyptus oil (or tea tree oil).

Without any chemicals added, this cleaner is very kid friendly. Happy cleaning!

Will you try this in your home? Have you ever tried this life hack before?

  1. Yes. It’s great. When mopping the floor put a cup of vinegar and some eucalyptus in the hot water. Works well, smells great. I buy the four litre white vinegar containers for about two dollars.

  2. This formula will not produce a homogenous solution; the euc oil will just float on the surface. Try mixing the oil with an equal quantity of dishwashing liquid before addition, this will make a fairly stable emulsion. Shake before use.

  3. These are all chemicals and can still be harmful if to a lesser degree but please don’t mislead people who are not knowledgeable in this area.

    • Fred, we are all quite knowledgeable I think. This is a cheaper and far more healthier solution than miet commercial cleaners.

    • Fran, only if people are knowledgeable, commercial products come with factual information and if they didn’t the manufacturer would be in court. I have no objection, to the contrary, that we can use other products that are inexpensive and effective but let’s not miss lead by incorrectly describing a product. Let’s suggest we describe them as low risk chemicals but not suggest they are not chemicals.

  4. Cleaning vinegar with a good squirt of dishwashing detergent works superbly for floors and all surfaces.
    For mirrors just use straight cleaning vinegar.

  5. I use this idea too but with sodium bicarb instead of the oil, then ad a few drops of whatever essential oil I fancy, at the moment it’s lavender. It works really well and smells nice too.

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