The 5 uses for nail polish that don’t involve your nails

Everyone has a few bottles of nail polish laying around the house and more often than not a clear nail

Everyone has a few bottles of nail polish laying around the house and more often than not a clear nail polish is included in this group. Clear nail polish has more uses than just the top coat on a fresh manicure. Here are 5 ways to use your clear nail polish you may not have been aware of.

  1. If you have a pair of glasses with screws or small parts that sometimes get loose or wobbly, you can use a droplet of nail polish to secure them in place. The best part is no one will be able to notice as the nail polish will dry clear.
  2. If you have any buttons that need securing, a thin layer of nail polish across the centre of the button will ensure the thread stays in place.
  3. Rust can be a problem for products that have a metal rim especially in bathrooms where moisture is in the air often. Simply paint a thin coat of nail polish on the bottom of the product and leave to dry.
  4. If you are sending a letter and the flap will not stay shut a small dot of nail polish will hold the flap in place.
  5. A thin coat of nail polish on a bauble will prevent it from losing its radiance.

Do you have any other tips for household products that have other uses?

  1. I use the coloured glitter nail polish instead of glitter glue on my handmade greeting cards

  2. I am allergic to some metals to the extent that the back of a watch face would give me a rash. I paint the back of the watch face with clear nail polish. It forms a barrier between the watch and my skin and I don’t get a rash. I have to renew it every so often. If the band is metal I have to coat it as well. Works a treat.

  3. Stops a ladder going any further in panty hose. Stops rust spreading on car duco. delays (doesn’t stop!) cracks spreading on car windows.

  4. The day i got married somebody yelled out & i turned around & put the toe of my high heel shoe thru the lace & my dear mum (god bless her) fixed it with clear nail polish & i returned it & they never knew that was over 50 years ago

  5. Sally Hansen “Hard As Nails” gets used on every fly I tie. World wide most fly tyers use it as “Head Cement”.

    We also use the UV Gel topcoat on a lot of our flies. UV Gel/Resin has taken over from 5 minute or 24 hour Harry as it can be cured in 5 to 10 seconds.

    I use synthetic wigs, synthetic Craft Fur, all sorts of knitting yarn, roving wool (24 colours), feathers, plastic bead chain, foam sheets, felt, glitter and all sorts of other mats from Spotlight/Lindcraft.

    Another one for the ladies is get some magnetised sheet and use it for pins or needles etc when sewing. I’ve used the magnetised shett on a knife block I made for my daughter.

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