That’s it: I’m no longer a drinker

I’ve made a big decision: I no longer am going to drink alcohol. At 63, that’s huge, especially after I

I’ve made a big decision: I no longer am going to drink alcohol. At 63, that’s huge, especially after I had been drinking my whole life. For a year or so in my 40s, I tried to stop but the pressures of work and children got to me so much. But now, I’m giving up for good.

One thing that made me feel so guilty about have a few glasses of red every night was that my mother died from liver issues caused by alcoholism. She always told me not to make the same silly mistakes as her but I kept thinking that I didn’t have as much of a problem as her.

That was until I had a wake up call recently. My son came over with his partner and they made a joke about how they couldn’t believe I wasn’t drunk already. I was shocked and said “I don’t get drunk!” but they insisted that yes I do, and I often forget where things are or repeat myself. I was so embarrassed. This was my son who I love so much, and my future daughter-in-law – I felt so ridiculous and couldn’t imagine how they saw me. I was a lush, a drunk old woman who couldn’t hold her liquor. I called my daughter and asked her if I drank too much and she went quiet. She said that she knew I loved my wine but did get concerned thinking I’d end up like Nanny. That’s really all I needed to hear. I went to my doctor and asked him what to do, he said that my drinking habits classified me as an alcoholic so I needed to work to get my health back. I threw out all the alcohol in my house and was determined not to be swayed.

It’s been two weeks now and so far, so good. I’ve been invited to a work function and will need to just stay on non-alcoholic drinks. My ex-husband is a reformed drinker as well and he said he often felt left out socially due to his tee-total status. He said people would say that they didn’t invite him because they didn’t think he’d wanna go to a pub or restaurant if he was sober. It’s a sad world we live in when we think we need alcohol to have a good time.

I hope other over 60s can make a similar change if they want to. I had no idea that drinking a few drinks every day meant I had a problem with alcohol, but it does. I used it as a crutch and now I am going to learn how to be fun without a glass in hand. Wish me luck!

Tell us, have you had to give up drinking? How did you go?