Ten reasons why we love our grandmas!

All grandparents should be loved and appreciated, because you play a very special role in your grandchildren’s lives. To celebrate

All grandparents should be loved and appreciated, because you play a very special role in your grandchildren’s lives. To celebrate the New Year, here’s a list of ten traits we love best about our grandmas!

1. You teach grandchildren the importance of music

Whether it’s Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin or Bing Crosby, we love that grandmas pass on their favourite music tastes to the next generation. Many grandmas might help their grandchildren learn a musical instrument too, whether it’s the piano or simply banging pots and pans!

2. You understand your grandchildren’s favourite literary characters, but still celebrate the classics

Most grandmas know all about Peppa Pig and her modern friends. However, we love that grandmas also take the time to read about Winnie the Pooh, Eloise and Peter Rabbit. They are well-adored literary classics, after all!

3. You share the family’s secret recipes

We love that grandmas take the time to cook with their grandchildren, passing down time-honoured family recipes. It’s even better when the grandkids are allowed to lick the mixing spoon!

4. You’ve learnt about new technologies to keep up with the grandkids

Most grandmas only use Facebook or Skype to keep up with their families. In fact, your Facebook feed is probably filled with photos of your grandchildren, but that’s just how you like it! Thanks for learning these new technologies, just for the sake of your loved ones.

5. You still send letters, postcards and parcels

Today the internet makes communicating instantaneous. However, we love that grandmas will still send their grandchildren snail mail. It teaches the important of patience and good old-fashioned anticipation!

6. You teach the grandchildren what’s important to you 

Do you volunteer at the local RSL? Do you bake cakes for community fundraisers? Or march in the ANZAC Day parades? We love it when grandmas involve the grandchildren in important causes. It makes even the littlest people feel part of something bigger!

7. You broaden your grandchildren’s horizons

We love when grandmas show their grandchildren holiday snaps and items from abroad. It helps young minds understand that the world boasts many different cultures and environments!

8. You’re always there in times of need

Grandmas who can be called upon for a loving hug, a shoulder to cry on, or just a listening ear, are simply the best. We love that grandchildren can turn to another trusted adult in times of need, and feel cherished and supported.

9. You teach the grandchildren about yourself

Reminiscing about years gone by, or explaining how the world has changed since your youth, helps little minds appreciate the passage of time. We love it when grandmas talk about the events and people who have shaped them personally.

10. You love unconditionally

Grandchildren are one of the best parts of life. We love that grandmas adore their grandchildren unconditionally, and that their house can often become a second home. Each and every grandma really is the best!

What makes being a grandma so special? Do you recognise these ten traits in yourself?