Solutions to common internet and computer issues

The internet is a such a wonderful thing… when it works. For those who are left in the lurch day

The internet is a such a wonderful thing… when it works. For those who are left in the lurch day in day out as they battle internet issues, you’ll know the road to reading web articles is treacherous. But there is help at hand, and you won’t need to pay someone else to do it.

If you’re sick of experiencing technical issues, here’s how to become your own technician – and don’t worry, everyone can do it with some patience and a little bit of faith.

Here we go!

Problem #1: I don’t have wi-fi signal

If you can see Wi-Fi signal is available but your computer isn’t connecting, try these solutions:

  1. Press the Wi-Fi button on your device
    Switch the wi-fi off and on on your device and see if that helps it connect.
  2. Reboot your device and your wireless router
    Failing that, restart your computer and turn your router off and on again. See if this allows you to connect.
  3. Restore your router to its factory settings
    If your device still doesn’t connect to your Wi-Fi network, press and hold the small reset button on the back of the router for at least 10 seconds. This will restore your router to its factory defaults. Unfortunately, this will also delete your settings, so you’ll need to reinstall the router. This is a typically easy process, so don’t worry. Quick set-up tips will be available in the instruction manual.

Problem #2: My wi-fi is really slow

If you have slow internet, this can be more frustrating than have none at all. This may be caused by a few things:

  1. An unsecure network
    If your wireless router isn’t protected by a strong password, anyone can connect to it. Not only does this put personal data at risk, it can also slow down your Wi-Fi. Make sure you change your wi-fi password to something that contains a combination of upper and lowercase letters, as well as at least one number and symbol.
  2. Old firmware on your router
    The firmware on your router may need to be updated – this is essentially like your phone system and how it needs to be updated regularly. Check the manufacturer’s website for an update.
  3. An old router
    If your router is several years old or damaged, you should replace it. You can buy wireless routers fairly cheaply – for around $40.

Problem #3: I can’t access my wi-fi in another room

Weak signal strength is a very common issue and can be fixed easily with one of these steps:

  1. Reposition your router
    The location of your Wi-Fi router can affect its signal strength. To get the strongest signal possible, place the router close to the centre of your home and keep it out in the open. Don’t hide it in a drawer, TV console, or anywhere that may restrict signal transmission. Make sure the router is as far away as possible from phones and other electronics. Also, keep it off the floor.
  2. Increase your range
    If your router still won’t reach far enough, you can extend its range with a beer can! Take a look…

Problem #4: My computer is too slow

If you’re having trouble with a slow computer, we have 5 tips to help you today.

Problem #5: Downloads are taking forever

Having trouble downloading attachments or streaming? This is a connectivity issues. Use to see what your download and upload speeds are. They should be at least half of your Internet service provider’s advertised speeds, and with a ping under 100 milliseconds.

If the speeds seem good, make sure that you aren’t inadvertently downloading or uploading anything. Reset your router as well to check if it just needed a reboot.

If you’re still having problems call your ISP i.e. Telstra or TPG.

Problem #6: My printer won’t print

Assuming that your printer’s drivers are up-to-date, and that it has enough paper and ink or toner to print, try turning the printer off and on. Failing that, unplug the printer and plug it back in. Check your printer’s print queue by looking for the printer icon in the system tray and double-clicking it. If that fails, disconnect the printer from your connector in the Printer settings, then reconnect. If your driver isn’t up-to-date, it could be causing issues, so Google search your printer model and drivers. Once you’ve downlaoded the updated ones, your printer should work.

Problem #7: I don’t have enough data on my internet plan

If you’re constantly going over your data allowance, you may need to upgrade your downloads. Here is a guide to internet providers in Australia to help you.

Problem #8: My computer is filled with junk

If your computer needs a bit of a clean out, why not do it right now? Here’s 5 tips to get it done quickly.

Tell us, what computer issues have you had? How did you fix them?