It’s a SCAM! 5 signs you need to look out for…

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE It’s in the tiny details! Anna’s getting ready to head out to brunch. She decides to check her emails,


It’s in the tiny details!

Anna’s getting ready to head out to brunch. She decides to check her emails, and sees one from PayPal. Nothing odd here right? Makes sense to click on the big blue button “Log In Now”, and check her current PayPal balance…but it’s a SCAM.

And these scams are usually ransomware – a horrific code that locks up nearly every single data file on your computer – Word documents, spreadsheets and more. These scammers try and hold you for ransom, telling you to pay money and they will unlock your machine.

These scams have been circulating for quite some time. Coming from providers such as:

  • PayPal
  • Microsoft
  • Australian Tax Office
  • Telco providers
  • Australia Post and more!

We know of a client who was attacked by ransomeware through a supposed Australia Post email, and it locked up her whole computer.

Here’s what you need to look out for:

  1. ALWAYS look at the “from” email address. Many things about that email looked legitimate. A tell tale sign was the email address which was: [email protected]They misspelt Paypal – using “payprail”
  2. Look at the email address which they directed the email to. For example, I know which email address is linked to my PayPal account, so if the email comes to one of my other emails not linked to PayPal – red flags!
  3. If the “To” field is left blank, its an obvious sign that it didn’t come from the provider legitimately
  4. Bad grammar and spelling
  5. The name is missing. The email above says Dear [email address]. PayPal would always communicate with you by name

If you’re unsure about the legitimacy of an email from one of your providers, delete the email, and visit the website on your own accord, not through the link on the email.

Tell us, have you ever been the victim of a scam?

  1. I advertised some antique furniture on Gumtree a while back and received a text message fro a buyer requesting more information via email. I was alerted to the fact that it was a scam when the person wanted to buy the furniture but wasn’t interested in looking at it. He was going to deposit the money into my bank account including the $300 ( which was one I don’t normally use ) The scam was that I was supposed to deposit $300 into an account for the firm picking up the furniture for him????? I checked my bank account and of course there was no money deposited so sent him an email telling him what I thought of him. Just be careful with transactions on Gumtree _ only deal with buyers on the phone and exchange money in person.

  2. I just received one saying our phone bill had been deducted twice. They wanted to refund an amount way bigger than our normal amount back into our bank account. There was a link to follow. I deleted it before opening link.

    • Just today I received an email supposedly from Telstra. Didn’t open the link as they wanted to repay an amount way above my normal monthly bill. Sounds like the same one you received Pamela. It does pay to be careful.

    • I’ve had two of these recently. Deleted them immediately. Also had several supposedly from PayPal telling me my account has been blocked. These I have deleted also.

  3. Same scam about a Telstra Bill. Checked with Telstra and it sure is a scam. PLEASE be aware!

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  5. Always put the email/website into scamwatch before you do anything with money – I got one this morning saying I had won an iphone – the website was even called applerewards – try not to be gullible or greedy

  6. This is a scam that was sent to me I did not answer it . I rang my sons number . I am in England and he is in oz but this was sent in England

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