Taste testing fruit at the supermarket – right or wrong?

We’ve either been the culprit or we’ve seen people do it: eating a few pieces of fruit as we walk

We’ve either been the culprit or we’ve seen people do it: eating a few pieces of fruit as we walk around shopping.

You know the sort of person – they mosey on up to the grapes and pick off a few, though they may not buy the bunch.

While there isn’t a law on doing this, some classify it as stealing. Others think it’s OK!

Supermarkets encourage their customers to buy something then eat it, but if you intend on buying it but eating it first is that still OK?

It can be tricky!

We want to know today: do you think it’s alright to taste test as you shop?

  1. Meggsie  

    If I buy grapes I will always try one before I buy..Sometimes they are so bitter you cant even eat them so its a waste of money

  2. Narelle Kay  

    Our local Woolies, encourage you to try the fruit before you buy. All they ask in return is if it is not of a good quality to let them know, and if it is, then let them know that too.

  3. I agree. I have never done this as tempted as I have been. It ‘s a bit like the outlets are caught between a rock and hard place. If it was to become a practice … imagine the freeloaders homing in for a free taste which for some could turn into a banquet at the buffet table. So for me, it is a form of stealing. I like the way when some new food products are being put up for sale and there is somebody there offering samples. That is great. Supermarkets etc. are there to provide a service but they too are there to make money/profit and a few hundred grapes etc. over one day two days, a week, a month etc can mount up to a bit of money down the aesophagus! Apply the “stolen sample” to apples, bananas other foodstuffs…. = $$$$$$ down the tubes.

  4. So if its OK for grapes its OK to try a Banana or an Apple I am sure you would be stopped try peeling an Orange and tasting it.

  5. colin  

    If Woolworths are the fresh food people they should have the conviction to stand by that and NO NEED for taste testing…But the fruit has been handled by how many people before you. people who may go to the toilet and not wash their hands, pick their nose. GROSS. anyway in the end its not only stealing, it just makes things more expensive .one hundred people picking one grape is what a Kilo. WHO PAYS?????

  6. [email protected]  

    I would class it as shop lifting BUT with the quality of fruit and veges., being sold these days , I do not have the money or the time to have to return bitter grapes, soft mushy apples,tasteless oranges etc to the store on the same day that I bought them, hence the loosely termed ‘taste testing’. Woolworths at times do cut up certain products to try but it always seems , for me at least, this is done a few hours before I arrive at the store, hence dry samples are on offer.
    Now, it is very rarely that I do any fruit and veg., shopping at Woolworths when I can purchase same products a lot cheaper at The Spud Shed

  7. I have been buying prawns, on a regular basis for over 40yrs, and only about a year ago, was told you can compare two types of them ! The only thing that taste BETTER, than a prawn, is a FREE PRAWN ! $ $ $ $

  8. Bronwyn  

    Have always tried ONE, smallest grape, from a bunch I like the look of, & 99.9% of the time, I then buy said bunch.

    It’s been only twice that I haven’t, in many decades’.

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