Take a trip down memory lane with these 1960s photos of the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast sure has changed a lot since the 1960s. Back then the city was hardly a city at

The Gold Coast sure has changed a lot since the 1960s. Back then the city was hardly a city at all and more like a sleepy surf town.

The high rises that line the sky now were tiny surf shacks and families on holiday picked up dinner from the local fish and chips shop instead of one of the many fancy restaurants that line the main streets now.

150316_gold coast old 1

150316_GCold 2

160316_GC old 3 cars

These amazing photos came from amateur historian Karen Wright who started the Have You Seen The Old Gold Coast Facebook page five years ago. Now thousands of people submit their throwback snaps to her for her to share with her millions of followers.

One of the most iconic images of the 1960s and 1970s Gold Coast is that of Meter Maids wondering up and down the street, topping up the parking meters for beachgoers.

You can still see Meter Maids on the Coast these days, although their outfits seem to be a little more skimpy than their predecessors.

gold coast street view meter maid

meter maid 80s

Barely 100,000 people lived there in the sixties and now over half a million call the city home.

It’s still a popular holiday spot for people all over Australia and has seen an influx of retirees over recent years as over 60s head north to enjoy the warmth and relaxed lifestyle.

GC beach 60s

GC kiosk old 60s

GC beach 1960s

Did you remember the Gold Coast looking like this? Where is your favourite holiday spot in Australia?

  1. There was this caravan park in Surfers, which was really just like a big parking lot with an ablutions block and a ranger who came around in the morning collecting fees. My friend and I lived in the car there during my first holiday to Surfers.

  2. Judith Behn  

    Had our honeymoon there in 1964 at Florida-Car-Otel Miami beach. Not much highrise then Lennons hotel was the place to go and dinner at the Chevron.

    • George  

      Yes I remember going to the Florida-car-otel as a kid in 1968. The buildings were a nice dark blue colour. Over the years somebody thought it be a good idea to paint them cream……very wrong! I don’t think it’s called Florida-car-otel either. I guess we should be thankful the site and buildings are still there.

  3. Favenchi  

    nice to see these photos….but please do leave in the credits which you have cropped out………Karen has done a wonderful job with the website…..

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