Survey reveals women's number one reason for cheating

Couple's feet in bed
Women are looking elsewhere thanks to their lazy partners.

A French survey has revealed the number one reason for cheating and it’s not looking good for lazy husbands.

According to the poll results, women are more likely to cheat on partners who don’t do any housework with a whopping 73 per cent of those surveyed saying they were driven to infidelity by their partners laziness around the house.

The poll of 10,000 female subscribers to Gleedon – a top site for married and unfaithful people — found that the best way to a woman’s heart is by picking up a mop or hanging out the washing.

Gleedon conducted the poll in an effort to pinpoint the main reason women cheat and found the overwhelming response was: “He didn’t play enough of a role in daily household chores,” reports French website LeBonbon.

The 2016 Australian Census found that women do between five and 14 hours of housework a week, while men do less than five hours, suggesting there is a significant imbalance in Aussie households.

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Meanwhile, Sexual Health Australia says that about 70 per cent of all marriages have affairs.

While the French survey didn’t mention why men are driven to cheat, it seems that if husbands want to keep their wives happy they should pop on an apron and get to work!

Who does the most housework at your place? Do you agree with the survey results?