Sure-fire ways to make any pair of shoes last longer

We spend our life in shoes – from even a baby we wear them and expect them to get us

We spend our life in shoes – from even a baby we wear them and expect them to get us through the day.

Everyone wants to buy shoes to last but not all do, even the expensive ones, so how can you get the most from your shoes without buying more pairs?

Here’s some sure-fire ways to make your shoes last as long as possible that you may not have realised.

1. Invest 

You may have heard that shoes are an investment, but it’s not just what you say to justify a purchase to a friend or partner – it’s true. Generally, the more you pay, the higher quality the pair of shoes. It goes without saying that well-constructed shoes can handle much more wear and tear than a cheap pair, so look for natural materials like leather or suede.

2. Protect those soles

They bear the brunt of the wear and tear so if you have a good pair of shoes, take care of the soles. There are a number of products that can help keep them in top shape, otherwise having them resoled every couple of years can make a world of difference.

3. Don’t wash them!

It can be tempting to just chuck the shoes in the wash but the force and speed of a washing machine is no place for shoes of any type – even canvas. Instead, scrub the shoes by hand and leave to dry in a warm, but not hot, place away from the sun.

4. Waterproof

Waterproofing your shoes will protect them from the elements and make them look as good as they can for as long as possible.

5. Untie the laces

Make sure to untie your laces every time you take off your shoes to stop them from breaking.

6. Get rid of odours

Leather shoes especially can get quite smelly, as can polyester. To stop smells, sprinkle bicarb soda in your shoes overnight then tap out in the morning.

7. Organise properly

Many of us just throw our shoes into a pile or basket at home, but this can damage our shoes and make them lumpy or misshapen. Organise your shoes into boxes or racks to keep out of the way and clean.

8. Stuff with newspaper

There are several benefits to stuffing your shoes with newspaper, like get rid of odours, drying out if they get wet and preserving their shape.

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Do you take good care of them?