How does your summer garden grow? Blooming great tips
By Starts at 60 WritersIn GardensOn Thursday 26th Jan, 2017

How does your summer garden grow? Blooming great tips

Summer gardens need a warm touch

Summer sure is here. It’s so hot. We are all wilting from the increasing temperatures, your precious plants included.

Before you escape to cooler locations, there are things you can do to make sure your garden not only survives but thrives during the warmest of days.

  1.  Pot plants. Some plants love the sun, but some prefer lots of light without the heat. The style of pot your plant lives in means you need to think about location. Terracotta pots, for example, can lead to overheating. Move the pots around to avoid the sun during the hottest parts of the day and they will thank you for it.
  2. Watch the water. Although there is a need to increase the amount of water during summer months, the best time to water your plants is in the mornings, to prevent mildew and fungi. Don’t allow water to gather in pots or in saucers either, otherwise you might get root rot or find you have provided a lovely new home for mosquitos to breed. Even if you have had great downpours of rain still check all your plants got some of the rain.
  3. Spring has been a time of new growth in your garden, but you want to make sure it survives the summer. Shelter new growth to allow them to sun harden. Shadecloth from the local hardware store is one option but you will find old net curtains or even palm fronds will help the newcomers along too. 
  4. Look out for unwanted pests. Depending on your location you might find there are all sorts of critters that take a liking to parts of your garden. For example, spray roses with White Oil to prevent aphids and other nasties.  

    Keep an eye out for pests in your garden.
    Keep an eye out for pests in your garden.

  5. Feed and weed. Now is a good time to give your garden a boost with fertilisers and deal with the one thing that always grows well no matter what; the weeds. 
  6. January is a great time to plant veggies like tomato, capsicum, eggplant, beans, radish and zucchini. Look for a warm but sheltered spot. Get ready for lettuce, silverbeet and celery to plant in February.
  7. Garden tidy. It is a great time of year to cut back on growth in your garden but also to take cuttings of shrubs etc for further projects.  
  8. If you have had a good downpour its a great time to aerate your lawns. The softer ground will make the task easier. 

Do you love spending time in your garden? Send us some photos and tell us what you love most about gardening. 

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