You call that a wedding dress!

Things sure have changed since you were getting married. Back then it was a time of incredible fashion. From slim

Things sure have changed since you were getting married. Back then it was a time of incredible fashion. From slim silhouettes and perfectly mod to the boatneck, tea length and quarter length sleeves, wedding dress designers today are still heavily influenced by the styles that came out in the ’60s and ’70s… Unless of course you’re Isabeli Fontana.

The gorgeous Brazilian model, and former Victoria’s Secret ‘angel’, recently got married to NX Zero front man Diego Ferrero in what was the most naked wedding dress ever.

Now it could be that Isabeli was dressing for the balmy Maldives day, or it could be that the trend in wedding attire these days is for your clothes to take as much of a back seat as possible to the serious matters at hand.

Isabeli got her dress from Brazilian designer Agua de Coco (which literally translates into ‘coconut water’ in case you were wondering). The sheer mesh dress was embroidered with a gazillion crystals and was worn over a bandeau cream bikini and high-waisted bottom. Let’s get a little bit closer…

Having the time of our lives #justmarried 💍💘♊️❤️♋️

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Yes, yes, we can see this pair are truly in love. We can also see the bride was going for a messy bun look with her hair, and it is said that the white orchids placed in it complemented the bouquet of white lilies wrapped in diamonds and pearls that the bride carried in her hand.

The bride’s wedding cake was more dressed than the bride herself!

What do you think of this bride’s wedding dress? Tell us about your wedding dress from when you got married.

  1. Marlee  

    I was married in 1963 and of course I remember my wedding dress. Chantilly lace over delustered satin. Long sleeves coming to a point at the wrist. The neckline was scalloped lace (no shoulders showing here). Slim skirt with a train at the back.

  2. Susan Bell  

    most people I know never had wedding dresses, what a waste of money. I had a great 1970s cheesecloth dress that I wore for years and years, it has now been given to a friend to cut up and use in her art work. I never had an engagement ring, again what a waste of money, no wedding cake, what waste of money, no wedding cars just our old morris minor. Everyone brought a plate to the party and our band played, so no money spent there and I have never worn a wedding ring as marriage is not ownership.Of courseI did not change my name why would you?

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