WHO’s gorgeous at any age feature completely excludes over 60s! OMG!

We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when we saw this feature in WHO magazine this week.  The featured
WHO March 2016

We didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when we saw this feature in WHO magazine this week.  The featured cover story called out that the magazine was showcasing the ‘most beautiful people 2016″, with a double page spread on “beauty at any age”.

Our Style team sat down to the glossy pages full of anticipation of mature faces and elegant styling and were mortified on your behalf to see that “gorgeous at any age” apparently stops at 59.  Deep breath.  It is just showing us what we already know here at Starts at 60 sadly, but we don’t like to see it so blatantly and we feel it should be discussed this morning.

Magazines have long been criticised for styling only for the younger generations and reinforcing the view of youth being eternal.  Their oldest featured woman Kim Catrall is 59 years old, despite many many significant and beautiful options in the over 60s.

The feature is led with the grab line “These gorgeous stars reveal beauty is more than a number” but the magazine made it a very defined number, didn’t they!

For a closer look, see the spread below and tell us what you think.  Which over 60 stars do you think should have made the pick?

Do you have something to say about this? We want to hear it!

WHO Magazine March 2016
WHO Magazine March 2016
  1. Maureen lewis  

    Don’t you realise that once 60 women become invisible?

  2. Just further proof of the age discrimination beast raising its continually ugly head. I’m sick of this whole ageist cycle that we are caught up in. And the print media and tv are largely to blame. Of course a younger woman is usually more beautiful in a perfect sense, but there are a great number of women in the public arena who are beautiful and over the age of 60 who have more style and inner beauty than the airbrushed airheads pushed on us today. I’m 72 and proud to be. Young at heart, other parts slightly older.

  3. I am 62 and haven’t had any work done and I can tell you, without seeming narcissistic.
    I look better than some of the younger ones
    There is Helen Mirren and the bond lady, can’t remember her name both gorgeous at their old old age

  4. Virginia  

    I am 64 and get more compliments now than i did wen i was younger, most people never believe my age but why does there have to be a stereotype anyway….wat about Sophia Loren in her 70’s outshines many ridiculous looking younger self absorbed, fake individuals we have to endure today

  5. Elizabeth  

    Look at Dame Helen Mirren!
    One of THE most beautiful women in the world, & she’s definitely over 60!

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