Who says you have to dress old? Here are 3 ways to appear younger instantly!

Just because you are getting older, it doesn’t mean that you have to start letting yourself go and dressing older.

Just because you are getting older, it doesn’t mean that you have to start letting yourself go and dressing older. If you are a stylish, vibrant woman – keep up the good work! Dress to suit yourself.  You know what you look good in and what you feel comfortable wearing!

The trick is to add little tweaks to your style to keep your look current. Here, Style at 60 explores 3 ways to do this:

Freshen up your hairstyle

Ok, you might have had the same haircut for a while now and are reluctant to change, but has it occurred to you that you may be stuck in a rut? Your hairstyle can transform your appearance and make you look younger! It doesn’t have to be a drastic change, just a few more layers around the face or a couple of foil highlights might be all you need. Get your hairdressers advice on what will work best for you and get them to demonstrate how you can style it at home. It is so important to be able to recreate the look at home yourself!

See how Helen Mirren’s hair is tucked behind ear on one side? It’s a flirty and fun look which makes Helen look younger.


Helen’s bob has a few layers added and is shaped in at the back – which is youthful and stylish.


Add some sportswear elements to more classic looks

And no, I am not saying to wear your yoga outfit all day, but just add a piece here and there with a modern sporty feel. The contrast of wearing classic with a hint of sporty is very modern and youthful.


look younger 1


Capture linen tie jogger – joggers are so comfortable to wear!

Available here

Emerge leather perforated sneakers – sneakers are immediately youthful, especially metallic!

Available here

Hedgren karen crossbody  – my sister has this handbag in black and it is so smart!

Available here

TS14 interval jacket – this jacket is a great layering piece!

Available here


Have fun with accessories that are on trend

In keeping with your own style, try to embrace some on-trend items that will work for you. This will show that you have still got it and are one stylish lady. So easy to do!


27012016 look younger 2


Soludos espadrille – espadrilles in all shapes and sizes are so hot right now

Available here

Mollini swizz gold sandal – lace up shoes are showing up everywhere

Available here

Le Specs drop top aviators – aviators are in!

Available here

Kate Spade New York cedar street mini maise crossbody – this season is all about the crossbody bag!

Available here

Seed Heritage marble-look phone case – don’t forget your phone case!  Marble and personalised cases are popular!

Available here


Do you already do any of these? If not, are you willing to give something a try?

  1. I already buy those sand shoes, they look smart n very comfortable!! Nice threesome!

  2. There is only one thing worse than mutton dressed as lamb…..mutton dressed as MUTTON!! 🐏

  3. You never cease to amaze me on this site ! Dont you think by now we would know how to dress and what suits us best? Im sure we have managed for the past 60 years without input from 40yolds yet somehow still managed to look good.
    Mabecits time we told you how you should dress yourself ? Pardon my spit but im a bit tired of all this unwanted advice

    • I agree Lyn .. it’s not hard to just scroll through something that is not interesting.

    • But what about us that are interested in what SAS have to say..we should be able to read it, there is a wide variety of people that read the articles that all have different tastes

    • Simple…if you don’t like anything, Roselyn, then why stay in the group? I am amused by the clothes that are posted here as being for the “over 60’s”…it’s interesting to see what a younger person thinks oldies like, or would even wear!

  4. I don’t think Helen Merin looked any better in fact it did not suit her profile at all stop the bullshit or are you working for the hair salons and the fashion centered

  5. I really like & admire both men & women who are game enough to try to dress a little younger. There’s no harm done & I say ‘good on them’ .. my kind of people!!

  6. I have the linen pants silver joggers although can no longer jog as am way beyond 60. Also have the blue bag which is great for travelling. Might be old in years but still love fashion. ☺

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