What being a member of the Red Hat Society means to me

The Red Hat Society is for all women over the age of 50, you can join younger and you are

The Red Hat Society is for all women over the age of 50, you can join younger and you are called a pinkie. It is for FUN raising and nothing else but fun, fellowship, and getting out and making friends.

Since meeting my now husband in 2002 we have lived in 3 countries (2 of them twice) and worked and travelled extensively, twice living in a motorhome for extended periods as we ‘did’ Australia and Europe.

While it has all been a lot of fun and a fantastic experience, along the way I lost touch with friends and acquaintances.

I had seen the Red Hat ladies out at a function one time and they looked like a fun bunch of ladies. So I contacted them and joined and they helped me find a group and I got started. That was 6 years ago. I belong to several groups now and have met a lot of fun ladies some of whom have become really good friends that I can call for a coffee or a chat anytime. It is an instant social life. Both my sisters are members now so we see each other more.

I also created spin off group with 5 of my besties and their husbands and we go to shows, restaurants, walks, outings etc as a group once a month.

When you move round you lose touch and once you retire it is hard to make new friends. This was my answer and it has changed my life.




For further information on the Red Hat Society go here


Are you a member of the Red Hat Society?  Tell us what you love about it too!


  1. Gaynor Ward  

    I have been a Red Hatter for about 10 years now – great fun and made so many friends. Any woman who wears purple and red is going to be a fun loving person. Recommend that all woman should be Red Hatters! Can change your life for the better.

  2. Trish  

    I have only belonged for about 18 mths but can highly recommend it. The ladies in my group are delightful, we cause people’s heads to turn wherever we go ( not something that happens to me much these days!!!) and It gives the opportunity to go to places and activities you may never experience. Give it a try. Wearing purple is great fun!!

  3. Clare Gibbs  

    Hi I applied to join a while ago but have not heard back.Could you tell me what to do about appltying again.I live in Armadale Hills WA

  4. I was going to join a group in Bribe island, but other things got in the way I would really like to join now if someone reads this and can help me that would be great, Thanks in advance Judith.

    • [email protected]  

      Google Matilda Rose for Australia
      She can direct you to groups
      Go to WA Red Hatters for WA groups

    • Katw  

      Contact matildarose2.com as that site has links to the registered Red Hatter Clubs in Australia.

  5. Lorraine Thornton  

    Good evening, I am very interested in joining your Red Hat Society. I Live in St Albans, Victoria. Can some one give me contacts for my surrounding area please. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • [email protected]  

      Google Matilda Rose website she can tell you how to get in touch with groups in Australia

  6. Liane satie  

    Love my Red Hatting…was a pinkie for 8 years and had a great reduation.
    We have a Facebook page Australia and New Zealand red hatters……….love to see all red hatters join this page .

  7. shona mc gregor  

    I have been in the Strawberry Delights Red Hat group, Palmerston North, New Zealand,for about 2 years. This last year I have not been a regular attendee for various reasons, but still a amember and the day will come when I will attend again with all the fun and laughter.

  8. Brenda  

    I joined red hatters around seven years ago and a year ago I started a chapter in my local area and we are slowly building our membership. I have so much fun making new friends and we have had our partners join us on our outings. Great fun for all.

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