What are the best tops and pants to wear if you have big thighs?

One of our Starts at 60 community members has asked:  “What about pants for girls with thighs and the correct

One of our Starts at 60 community members has asked:

 “What about pants for girls with thighs and the correct tops to wear with them?”

Edna May Willett

Great question Edna. I know that I like to disguise my thighs and I think most women do too!

A lot of how you dress comes down to proportions. If you wear something fitted and short on the top third of your body, then the bottom 2/3 should be loose and full.

If you wear something loose and full on the top 2/3 of your body, then wear something fitted on the bottom third.


11112015 LARGER THIGHS 3

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Here are a few tips:

Go for darker coloured pants – as you know dark colours make things appear smaller, so by wearing a black, charcoal or navy you will be creating the illusion of smaller thighs.  This doesn’t mean that you cannot wear light coloured pants – just ensure that your top covers your thighs.

Can I wear skinny pants?  You betcha! Just ensure that your top is long enough to cover  your thighs and that your top finishes at a flattering point.  Skinny pants worn like this are very flattering!


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Bird Keepers the wide leg travel pant

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Choosing your top  Ensure that your top does not finish at your widest point – of your hips or thighs.  Also consider a top that will broaden your upper body to help balance out your thighs.

When wearing a short top – I like a short top to finish just below your natural waistline – around your upper hip. If your top is short, your pants will need to fall from your hip skimming over the thigh area.  Pants with a straight cut, loose cut bootleg or flared hem will all be suitable.

Avoid washed denim – like these pants. They will only make your thighs look bigger than they are!




Choose a vertical stripe.  A lot of pants lately have had a stripe going down the outer leg seam – this is very flattering!

Draw attention away from your thighs – wear a top with detailing at the neckline.  Or some fabulous jewellery.  What about some gorgeous shoes?

An asymmetrical hemline on a top is a good choice.

Multiple layers will also be good to disguise your thighs.


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A small heel will always work wonders. Nothing uncomfortable mind you, but something that will help create the illusion of longer legs. Have you ever noticed how wearing a heel makes your calf muscles look more streamlined?

Edna, I hope that you find these tips useful!


Do you have any more tips that we might have missed?  If you have a question for us we would LOVE to hear from you!

  1. I bought a very nice one from Target and a few on the katies sale, I never pay full price for anything, I want a bargain

  2. Terri Rice  

    Not tight leggings & a short top which also exposes the tremendous rolls of stomach blubber.
    Nothing showing how much the thighs wobble & jiggle when walking – very much like a hippopotamus strolling along the street.
    Keep the upper arms covered tightly – all that fat around the ” bingo wings” could do somebody serious damage , should they be waved around when talking.
    A good bra to keep those pendulous melons which gravity has taken to the knees , in check – again they could do somebody serious damage if allowed to swing around unsupported.
    Chin supports – not only to hold up the multiples of chins drooping from the neck downwards to where the boobs used to be- but also handy to put a bib in to catch any food left from whichever junk food store the person is eating from in that particular 30 minute time frame, before the cavernous stomach starts rumbling again for the next junk food shop.

  3. There are so many shops now that stock clothing for over 16’s no excuse for nit dressing appropriately. I find amazing clothes at the second hand stores. The most I pay for tops is $8.:mostly good labels I don’t believe in paying a fortune for clothing. Recycling is the go. TS label has a good range of tops its a matter of just taking the time trying them on to gind what suits your style. We are all so different in our dress style.

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