Tips for conquering the Boxing Day sales in style!

Everyone loves a bargain right? In actual fact the word SALE happens to be my favourite four letter word! The

Everyone loves a bargain right? In actual fact the word SALE happens to be my favourite four letter word!

The Boxing Day sales are about to start in what is possibly one of the busiest times of the year for Australian retailers. You will see people lining up on the TV, pushing and shoving past each other greedily as the doors slide open. If you are anything like me, you will avoid them at all costs. I tend to poke about the shops as I normally would do when I am on holidays.

But what about making the most of the sales I hear you ask? I understand the thrill of the chase, tracking down that last pair of shoes in a size 8 1/2 or that perfect pair of white pants. To make the best savings and stretch your dollar as far as you can, you cannot go into this willy nilly! Let Style at 60 share their expert tips for conquering the Boxing Day sales in style!



1. Make a list of what you need

Make a list and stick to it. Only buy what is on the list, which is very hard to do I know. Having a list will keep you on track and prevent you from buying anything you don’t really want and spending more money than you planned.

Tip – Consider getting all of the birthday and special occasion presents you need to buy for the year ahead.

2. Set a budget

How much money do you plan on spending? Decide how much you are comfortable with so that you don’t put yourself in uncomfortable debt. There is a real sense of accomplishment when you know you have made a great saving, but don’t get carried away.

3. Do your research

Some of your favourite brands and stores go on sale online before Boxing Day itself! Find out who goes on sale when, so that you don’t miss out on your favourites. Check out your options to ensure you get the best price available on the items that you need.

4. Get online first

Do a quick check online for that special something you have been eyeing off all season. If you find it on sale and you still love it – buy it!

Shop the sales online as much as you can – you will find that the variety and availability will be far superior to what you will find in store.

Put your feet up as you snap things up for yourself, stress free in the comfort of your own home – ahead of the rest crashing through the doors in the morning.

5. Go at your own pace

Stylers are smart. They have done their research, made their list and started their shopping spree online. You will find stylers casually strolling into Westfield at their own pace stopping to have a cuppa with a girlfriend along the way.

6. Don’t buy something because it is on sale

Only buy what is on your list. When you start going “oh look at this saving I had better buy it…” you are undoing all of your good work and you will end up wasting money on things that you don’t really want.

7. Avoid cheap and nasty at all costs

Something that is cheap and nasty to begin with will still be cheap and nasty when it is on sale.  Items like this are never worth it.  They might not cost much, but they certainly wear out quickly and then you end up replacing the item, effectively paying for it twice.  You might as well throw that money in the bin.

8. Some good things to look out for

  • Christmas cards/giftwrap & decorations for next year
  • Intimate apparel and hosiery
  • Manchester  and homewares
  • Kitchenware
  • Big reductions on clothes & accessories
  • Cosmetics gift packs
  • Shoe deals – such as buy one pair and get the second pair half price

Here are some of the best Boxing Day sales – get shopping!

TS14 – shop NOW until sold out 40-70% off

Millers – shop NOW until sold out – members only 40% off

Katies – shop NOW – up to 70% off

David Jones – Boxing Day sale from 26th December

Myer – Boxing Day sale from 26th December

I hope you find these tips useful, Stylers! Now shop to it!