There's a new eyebrow trend you'll need to see to believe

We’ve seen plenty of eyebrow trends come and go over the years, including plenty that we regret. 

Most recently, we’ve watched the return of the thicker, fuller brow, with many women who grew up in the 70s (and later, the 90s) severely regretting having plucked theirs to a thin line of singular hairs. While some took it to the extreme, it was refreshing to see some natural eyebrows. 

But now, a new eyebrow trend appears to be taking over – at least on the internet – and it’s more bizarre than the over-plucked and over-arched looks of decades past. 

Introducing, the squiggle brow. A very technical term for exactly what it sounds like. We may have strived to get perfectly straight, neat eyebrows previously, but now women are somehow contorting their brows into wavy lines.

Have a look at these examples making the rounds on Twitter. 

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It not only looks a bit ridiculous, but it appears to take more products that the average head of hair to achieve! 

And social media users are suitably unimpressed. 

“Why are wiggly eyebrows becoming a trend, why do we keep making bad makeup choices?” one bewildered Twitter user wrote. 

“Wiggly eyebrows should wiggle their way out of being a trend,” said another. 

Just when you think trends can’t get any stranger, something like squiggle eyebrows comes out of the woodwork. 

Do you think this is a fashion that will catch on?