The best tummy trimming jeans!

I don’t know about you, but I do NOT have washboard abs! In fact, you could describe my tummy as

I don’t know about you, but I do NOT have washboard abs! In fact, you could describe my tummy as rather large.

When it comes to choosing a pair of jeans, I need whole lotta stretch and support! Jeans which are too tight just make my tummy uncomfortable and it can poke out over the top which is NEVER  a good look! Too loose and I end up hitching them up all of the time which drives me crazy. The rise has to be high enough so that I can sit down comfortably and not have to worry about whether my knickers are showing at the back (again NEVER a good look!).

Style at 60 has found some of the best jeans available for those of us with a tummy that is best kept under control!




Crossroads slim and shape bootcut jeans

Available here

Crossroads tummy trimmer straight jegging

Available here

NYDJ marilyn straightleg jeans

Available here

Katies slim super shaper jeans

Available here


Have we missed any other fabulous tummy trimming jeans out there?  Which brand of jeans is your favourite to wear?



  1. Chris  

    I was just looking at the NYDJ jeans. Bloody Nora – I am glad I was sitting down when I did! $219 for one pair of jeans? Oh dear. Think I’ll just keep sucking my guts in and using control briefs! Much cheaper.

  2. I wear NYDJ jeans (style “Marilyn Straightleg). Great quality, and company stands by their product. Be VERY CAREFUL to avoid knock-offs available on eBay. If the discount is dramatic, they are not NUDEs!

  3. Don’t wear jeans any more I like very loose fitting cloths. I hate feeling restricted in cloths I’m a size twelve but I buy 14 because they are loose and more comfortable

    • to hot for jeans in summer Bea, and in those skinny jeans it would be like being shoved into a sausage skin

    • They look like they get painted on. Mostly I wear bloomers you know those really old fashioned ones. I have several of them I even dyed them bright colors they are so comfortable

  4. I like my jeans to be comfy – it they show my tummy I either wear my shirt out over the top, or say ‘to hell with it’. Since most of mine come from op shops, choosing a particular brand is rarely an option.

  5. I’m keeping this little bump I have it took me 65 years to get, outside of being pregnant twice! ☺

  6. i thought all jeans pulled in your tummy and then gave you a muffin top under your shirt. lol

  7. Jeans girl here – luv my NYD jeans best buy ever, not cheap but worth every dollar spent on them. The fit is brilliant😃

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