The best fashion tips and tricks everyone must know

From fixing a stubborn zipper to removing a red wine stain, there are so many awesome tips and tricks that can help you save time and make your problems disappear.

Here’s 18 of our favourites.

1. Fasten a stubborn zipper

If your pants zipper has a mind of its own, attach a keyring to the zipper hole and slip over the button once zipped.

2. Keep your long boots upright

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It’s the time of year we get out our thigh-high boots but during the summer months we don’t want them to just collect dust and become slumped in our wardrobes. To keep them upright and organised, put rolled up old magazines or a cut pool noodle in the leg holes.

3. Stop runs in your tights from getting worse

If you see a run starting to form, you can stop it by dabbing some clear nail polish over it to prevent from stretching into a rip. Apply before wearing and let dry.

4. Avoid tangled jewellery

If you’re travelling and want to take several necklaces, you can organise them easily by putting one half of the chain through the straw and fastening the clasp once it comes out the other end.

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5. Get rid of red wine stains

Accidentally spilt red wine on your clothes? You can get it out… by pouring white wine on top. Dab the area with a cloth to lift off the stain to neutralise the red colour. But be careful not to rub it because that will force the red wine into the clothing.

6. Fit a pair of jeans without trying them on

In a hurry and need to buy pants but don’t have time to try them on? Grab your size and put them around your neck, end to end. If they reach perfectly, they’re a good fit. If there’s too much left over, 

7. Hide a muffin top

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Wearing a singlet/tank top between your shirt and jumper to hide bunched up fabric and keep your mid section from going over the top of your pants. 

8. Get rid of smells in your jeans or shoes

Do your jeans or shoes smell despite washing them? Put them in the freezer to neutralise odours from the source.

9. Dry hand-washed clothes and delicates

After you wash delicates and other small pieces of clothing, pop them into a salad spinner and spin for a few minutes. It’ll get excess water out of bras, cashmere etc.

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10. Clean an oil stain

If you get an oil stain your clothes, leave baby powder on it overnight and then wash the next day.

11. Stretch out tight shoes

Bought shoes that are just a little too tight? Place a bag of water in each shoe and leave in the freezer overnight.

12. Remove water stains from leather

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Suede shows up water marks easily but to get them out, use a mixture of vinegar and cold water to restore them.

13. Wash out sweat stains

Yellow stains on lighter fabrics are embarrassing, but easily fixed. Squeeze fresh lemon juice onto the stains and leave for 20 minutes before you wash them. Vodka also works.

14. Remove makeup (foundation especially) from clothing

Your favourite shirt isn’t ruined because it got makeup on it – all you need to do is apply shaving cream and rub. Rinse off and wash as normal.

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15. Undo a stuck zipper

Rub stuck zipper teeth with a graphite pencil tip – it lubricates the teeth.

16. Homemade wrinkle remover

Use fabric softener and vinegar in a spray bottle to release wrinkles from clothing without needing to iron.

17. Personal ruler

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Remember the measurements of your hand – this will make it easier for you to measure on the go and will definitely come in handy.

18. Wardrobe cull

Once a year, reverse the coat hangers in your closet. When you wear something, turn the hanger the right way around again. After a few months, look at which hangers are still reversed and get rid of those clothes. 

Tell us, which handy hint will you be trying?