The best eyebrow pencils for over-60s, tried and tested

The warm weather is coming and while we love how we can pack up our winter gear, there is another

The warm weather is coming and while we love how we can pack up our winter gear, there is another problem – the sizzling heat could melt our makeup. Granted that some of us might not wear full makeup daily, let’s not forget the one makeup that we would usually try to keep – eyebrows! Now, imagine hanging out with your friends or even walking down Par 3 and realising that your eyebrows had been wiped off during the entire social game!

Fret not as we’ve tested heaps of eyebrow pencils to help you pick the best one for your lifestyle. Some can be a little dear but many are reasonably priced and you’ll even be surprised where you can find these fantastic products.

Here’s the list of the tried and tested products:

MAC eyebrow pencil

1. M.A.C Eye brows, available at M.A.C stores.

This has got to be one of the best eyebrow pencils we’ve tried. The colour intensity is just perfect, the pencil is self-sharpening and also lasts for quite a while. The colour does not budge once you’ve put it on and stays on even in harshest conditions. No matter how hot and wet the weather is, you’ll still come out with eyebrows on!

2. Ulta3 Brow Pencil Block, available in most chemists.

This one has a brush connected to the cap which is useful to comb your brow hair and just to even out the intensity of the colour. Comes in limited colours but the price is under $5.

3. Brow Pencil, DAISO.

Yes, don’t be surprised. This product is so cheap (under $5) yet does the job well. Comes in a silver auto-sharpening form and has a brow brush at the end. The colour glides on easily and has just the right colour intensity. This product stays on even on the hottest day. Go swimming and they will still be on.

4. Revlon ColorStay Eyebrow Liner, in most leading chemists.

The colour comes on well and they have a shade in Blonde which can be hard to find. It also has a brush that comes handy to groom your eyebrows.

5. By Terry Eyebrow Liner, available at Mecca.

This one comes in a felt tip that is surprisingly easy to handle. They come in a variety of shades and the colour stays on very well. If you’re looking for a pen to just fill in sparse brow hair, this is the one for you.

Check out more eyebrow products here too: Bella Box.

Will you be trying any of these? Which one are you using at the moment? Please tell us in the comments.

  1. Have enjoyed using Arco eyebrow pencil. Received it at a Look Good feel Better workshop.
    Anyone familar with this brand?

  2. Loretta Buzza-Whiteman  

    Clinique ” instant lift for brows” it’s a crayon with a highlighter also.

    • Pauline Welch  

      This is a great product – and comes in a Soft Blond shade, ideal for those with grey or white hair.

  3. Claire  

    have lost most of my eyebrows due to keratosis pilaris. What’s mostly left is hairs growing at weird angles due to follicle damage so would really appreciate any feedback. A bit tired of being asked “why are your eyebrows red, have you just had them waxed”

    • Sue  

      I had my eyebrows tattood by a professional beautician- they look good and I have no regrets.

    • Laraine  

      The best eyebrow pencil EVER is the YBF pencil sold on the TVSN shopping channel in Australia. Over 13 million have been sold, and once you use one, you will understand why!

  4. Elizabeth Gardner  

    My eyebrows are now and always have been really fair even though I originally had very dark almost black hair. I have a problem getting a soft colour as I am now silver. Also have trouble filling in as I have a scar over one eyebrow. These Sound like they could have something for me so I will check them out. Better to have a name than go wandering down the aisles not knowing what to look for thankyou!

  5. I have just bought the new Estee Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil Duo in ‘Soft Brown’ which is a lighter brown than most pencils I have bought over the years.It comes with a spare refill which is great, and you can also buy the refills separately. It will cost $40 but lasts forever. It has a builtin sharpener…so no mess! Also a brush!!! A little pricey….. yes but believe me I am 69 and have bought many brands of pencils over the years This one is a keeper for me. You won’t be disappointed!!!

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