The beautiful 60-year-old swimsuit model taking the world by storm

We’re absolutely delighted whenever somebody over 60 can make a statement this passionate: that you don’t have to be young
Image Source: The Dreslyn

We’re absolutely delighted whenever somebody over 60 can make a statement this passionate: that you don’t have to be young to be beautiful; that it’s okay to love your body; that your lines are not imperfections, but simple marks of experience.

These are the qualities we adore in 60-year-old Californian model Yazemeenah Rossi, who has become the face of a new swimwear campaign.

These wonderful shots from retailer The Dreslyn don’t try to conceal her age, but respect and celebrate her beauty as it really is.

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“I will model until the end of my life,” she told The Daily Mail. “But it’s not about modelling, it’s about witnessing, witnessing beauty, energy makes us alive…”

Yazemeenah had to deal with the realities of ageing far too early; she began to go grey before the age of 12, and has spent much of her modelling career refusing to dye it.

“’I always thought it was a gift, I thought why dye this, I’m always someone who likes to be simple,” she said.

She has a similarly strong stance against airbrushing and Photoshopping out imperfections. “I don’t like to retouch my pictures,” she said.

“’With iPhone it’s very easy but it amazes me to see how many apps there are on the iPhone to retouch, it blows my mind, this is not in my world.”

Her new modelling shots have gotten an enormously positive reaction, which she says is “something the designer really wanted to give… [to] empower women but in a very nice way, elegant and noble way”.

‘It’s very important because the image of women in used in many different ways not elegant. This is something very simple, but very comfortable, let me tell you… It is sexy but in a very soft and noble way. It’s who you are, sexy means being your life, not showing all your body in a way that’s provocative.”

You can see more from Yazemeenah through her Instagram updates.

What do you think of Yazemeenah’s modelling? Should more fashion brands follow this example?

  1. kp  


    • Diane  

      I turned 60 in October. I work hard taking care of my skin bady and health. Good for her.

  2. Beverley  

    But let’s get real. She has a lovely shape and has doubtless been blessed with good genes. She looks as if she works out too, and good on her, . But she is not your average 60 year old, not many of we plus 60 women look like her. The same with so called Plus size models, none of them are small and dumpy;
    their height make their size 14 bodies look quite slender.

    • Kathleen Gawler  

      Here here! I was thinking the same thing!

    • Marilyn  

      Agree entirely, she is not representative of 60+. Let’s no be seduced again by media representatives of over 60’s. Now we can finally be free of unrealistic body shapes & love ourselves just the way we are

  3. Why not, they have larger women , so why not older women, she has a gorgeous figure, better than most women half her age , great

  4. Don Harvey  

    A very beautiful woman being 64 myself I think she is stunning I wish her all the best !

  5. I’ve seen better looking 60 year old with less ageing bodies than this model who simply does not appeal to me to buy anything that she may be promoting.

    • Loretta  

      So who cares whether you have seen “better”, bodies are bodies, this obsession on how we have to be or look is so ego centered and ridiculous.

  6. marilyn willson  

    I admire this woman’s belief in herself, and do agree age has more to do with personal energy rather than years, but, having said that, this along with numerous other depictions and suggestions on female ageing just serves to make the majority of us feel inferior physically.

  7. Joan Marshall  

    A beautiful woman ! Women can take care of themselves and a lot do not. It is absolutely good for self esteem to take care of yourself. I am blessed because I take care of myself so I am never jealous of any woman. The fact that I can admire and compliment other women when they take care of themselves indicates no jealousy just admiration. At 70 nobody believes I am 70 because I keep an active mind watch my weight dress my age light exercise and most of all PEACE of mind which keeps me looking young.

  8. josie brady  


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