Culottes are super fashionable right now. Here's how to get them right

Read on for more info on these particular looks.

With the weather warming up it’s time to start ditching the heaviest of the winter woolies, but it’s not quite time to dig out the summer styles just yet.

That’s where tran-seasonal fashions come in to play. It’s all about fashion that’s suitable for those mid-temperature moments. That’s where one of the latest looks comes in to play – culottes.

Culottes are the ultimate spring to summer pant. These knee-length or longer trousers, mostly with fuller legs, are very much on trend right now.  They are long enough to cover what you want covered, but loose and breezy at the same time. That’s also why they are the perfect tran-seasonal style.

Over the years culottes have often been given a bad rap. Unflattering, unsexy or mannish are some of the claims. But forget that. We’re showing you how to make them look fab, no matter your style choice.

How to wear them

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Culottes come in a variety of shapes, however the general rule of thumb is the wider the leg the more fitted the top needs to be, to prevent your overall silhouette looking baggy.

Try to keep the length from ending in the widest part of your calf. Keep it above or below for a more flattering effect.

Effects to try

Dress them up with a pair of strappy heels.

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Dress them down with a pair of trendy sandshoes.

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Pleated culottes can give the image of an elegant skirt.

Pleated culottes.
Try these pleated versions, Glassons pleated wide leg $59.99 or Jovanna Quiet Moment Pleated Culottes RRP $99.00, currently on sale for $48.00 from ASOS.

Go for angles or stripe details in your top to enhance the lines in the pant.

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The tied belted look is very ‘in’ right now’.

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Rather than go for oversized culottes you can get away with a loose pair of 3/4 pants to copy the look.

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Look for fun and feminine features, such as tassels, embroidery, flared or fluted hemlines or detailing in the material.

Millers culottes.
In the Millers fashion range you can find these embroidered rayon culottes and fluted hem culottes, both priced at $35.00.

And if you prefer a tighter fit pant, why not achieve a similar look with a split?

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Split hem pants.
Try these split hems for a different look: Temt Cliff split front flare pants $9.95 or Styleberry slit-hem straight-cut pants from Yessstyle $84.35.

What’s your favourite culotte style?