Should women over 60 wear jeans?

One of our Style at 60 Community Members has asked: “Is it only me or do you think that denim

One of our Style at 60 Community Members has asked:

“Is it only me or do you think that denim jeans are only for the young? 

I think black and coloured jeans (not white) are ok up to about 60 and that blue denim jeans should not be worn by anyone over 50.”  – Marleen Catmull

Marleen, I think at the end of the day we should all be able to wear what we feel comfortable in, what fits us well and what suits us. Jeans are certainly not for everyone – but I think that might come down to a comfort thing more than anything.

A pair of classic, straight legged, mid-rise, blue denim jeans is a wardrobe staple that should be found in almost every woman’s closet! These days they make jeans to suit every figure shape – from tummy tucking to bum lifting, whereas once upon a time there wasn’t much variety at all.

Another key factor to consider is the fact that nowadays most jeans have some stretch in them. Stretch denim is excellent for comfort, a better fit and the jeans will hold their shape better for longer. I bought a wonderful pair of Joes Jeans about a year ago in Melrose Place, Los Angeles. Not only do they look stylish, but they feel as comfortable as a pair of trakkie daks!

Here are a few styles that I would recommend checking out, Marleen! I would tend to stick to darker blue rather than faded blue denim as it is smarter and creates a slim silhouette.


13122015 JEANS OVER 60 1

Not Your Daughters Jeans marilyn straight jean

Available here

Yarra Trail mid-denim straight leg jean

Available here

J Brand maria straight leg dark blue jean

Available here


Do you wear blue jeans or do you agree with Marleen?  


  1. What a ridiculous article. Why shouldn’t a woman or man of any age wear jeans? I think they’re too hot in summer where I live, but i certainly wear them other times – i am 71. If you don’t think that’s stylish – that’s your problem, not mine.

      • Liz  

        I’m over 65 and live n jeans. There are also no should or should nots in my life. As someone once said “Don’t ‘should’ on yourself”. Do what’s right for you!

    • I am 72 and wear jeans with tops and when necessary a jacket. Even my granddaughters (23 & 18 & 13) say I look cool

      • Gay Long  

        I have only just started wearing Jeans – get them from Millers – best thing ever for me and I am 72

    • Marilyn you are lucky. Not of us are so. At size 18/20 I don’t find them flattering or comfortable.

    • I wear them all the time and will continue to do so. My comfort is more important than anything else!

    • Agree with all of you. Why is it supposedly not alright to wear jeans when other pants are OK? I think they are practical and easy to wear.

    • Good on you Marillyn same here where do people get off if your comfortable it’s your business i wear them in winter Footy would be darn cold without them

    • This is the first, and I hope the last time, that I hear such a ridiculous question. Of course it is OK to wear jeans when one is 60+. Why wouldn’t it be ok???? It’s nobody’s business!

    • I’m with you too, I wear jeans and I’m 72. No one will tell me what I can wear and I’m a size 12.

    • Shelley Ruth Michelle Burden Sometimes these questions are just plain insulting. If young people don’t like what over 60s wear – and who are they to judge US – TOUGH!! Just be pleased we don’t walk around with bare midriffs, like some young people do. 😊

    • Or nuts and bolts on bodies and tongues not to mentionTATTS I’m sure they are blind , as well as looking stupid

    • …I’m 57, and jeans are my go to casual pants…and I agree, what a stupid article…so we all have to wear twin sets and pearls, or shop at Millers at 60+….sorry, not happening in my world! 🙂

  2. I don’t dress to please anyone other than myself, and yes I’m 66 and I do wear jeans and will continue to do so. You can dress them up or down with what you wear over them and they can look great, why are some people so judgemental?

    • Worry about your own attitude Baf, I certainly don’t care what you think either, you condescending prick.

    • I’m with you Trish. I dress to suit myself, what I feel comfortable in for what I am doing, or where I am going. I wear jeans at some time during every week.

    • I’m with you Trish Daley, and I’m mid 70’s. I certainly don’t wear them skin-tight (never did, hate skin tight anything) , But they can look really nice dressy casual.

    • Baf Kuka you need some adjusting brain wise & so judgemental I wear what I like & have lots of jeans ,are we on the day we turn 60 not to wear jeans I am 76 & wear them they look good & can be teamed with anything

    • I have seen this guy have a go at other people but I won’t let him get away with it, who the hell does he think he is anyway.

    • sorry apleblossom I can’t see him because I am one of those others he abused 🙂 so I blocked him..but sock it too him

    • Leave Trish alone Baf, or we will hang you from the gate way, with a sign on your bum..kick me on the way in

    • Baf who are you to be so judgemental? Have you seen any of these ladies in their jeans? No, we’ll keep your ill informed opinion to yourself!

    • You a bit of a funny boy Baf? why you interested in womens jeans? scare the girls will buy them all and be none left for you?

    • Trish & Margy … Your spirit is your beauty … Damn you need reigning in girls … Now be nice and fetch me and David James a beer babes.👀👠👌😂🍸👠

    • David… You are a woos… Servitude of a male is a woman’s duty. Get on it.

    • Just home from a Christmas party to read your clap trap Baf Kuka, get a bloody life and leave me alone. I don’t need reigning in and if I did you definitely wouldn’t have what it would take that’s for sure!!!

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