Should we keep our upper arms under wraps?

As we get older, our upper arms can become a somewhat touchy subject. They sure don’t look the same as they

As we get older, our upper arms can become a somewhat touchy subject. They sure don’t look the same as they did in our 40’s, as sometimes they lose much of their tone. Even if we exercise regularly, the shape and form of once-younger looking skin can make the best of us self-conscious.

However, should we be forced to keep our arms hidden away because that’s what society dictates? Or should we find clever ways to make ourselves feel positive, using ideas which correspond with our shape?

Here at Style at 60, we think you should go your own way! Cover them up if it makes you feel more comfortable by all means, but you should also feel free to wear sleeveless styles if you want to! Who cares what other people think? If you are comfortable in your own skin – that is all that matters.

A number of readers have asked how to show their arms without displaying “too much”. So Style at 60 took a look at how Hollywood’s leading ladies are doing it. Here are the best style tips we found, to inspire you:



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Yet again, Helen Mirren manages to look stunning on the Red Carpet in this lacy red gown.  Notice her sheer 3/4 sleeves? If you are not quite comfortable to totally bare your upper arms a sheer sleeve is always an option.




Anthea Crawford saffire and lace taffeta dress

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Glamour queen, Joan Collins doesn’t mind a sheer sleeve either.

judi denche



The glamour of a structured sleeve on a mature arm can’t be underestimated. Judi Dench shows us below how a heavy woven jacket can have a slimming effect when covering the arms.


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Jane Fonda shows us that even with slim arms, hiding the upper arm can be beneficial for style. The tops of the shoulders have shape, form and much less sag than the underarms when on show.



Our conclusion, a block colour, a below-the-elbow sleeve and or a dark cover on the arm is a definite style winner, even in Hollywood.  


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A sleeve doesnt have to be long to do its job. In fact, we love this 3/4 sleeved dress for almost any time of year.

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How do you feel about your arms? How do you dress to make them an asset not a liability? Let’s talk and share ideas below:

  1. Yes – even in this teribly hot weather I wear some sort of sleeve. Just last week in a clearout I put all my stringy etc tops in the charity bin as I had not worn them for some years. I am 68 but do believe you can do as you want at home.

    • Yes I like to wear short sleeves too. At home anything goes. I’ll be 80 before too long.😱

    • I agree Pamela, I am 68 and I stopped wearing my little tops, there comes a time that you look in the mirror and you think, this isn’t what it used to be.

  2. No hated sleeveless long as i can remember. I have fairly good upper arms though . Dont you get to a time when you should just not care?

  3. I still wear singlet tops but I make sure they are wide scoop neck and no string straps.
    I’m happy, I have had frozen shoulder(s), before that I had fabulous upper arms – but I am not defined by them and don’t care, to be honest, what anyone thinks 🙂

    • I’m with you Wendy…don’t care what anyone thinks…lot worse around to look at other than someone’s upper arms….

  4. always cover up. never buy or make anything without a sleeve. Which is becoming more difficult but the flowt jackets in light weight material work well. Even Maxi dress is worn with a 3.4 sleeve bolero style jacket

  5. Nope, I cut all sleeves out of shirts. My arms are fairly muscular though, but even if they weren’t I hate the confines of sleeves.

    • [email protected]  

      I waer sleeveless tops and dresses. I do light weights but frankly I do not care how I look snd even less how some people think an older woman should dress. It is too hot in Rockhampton anyway. Sleeves only when gardening or fishing!!

  6. i dont worry about it and wear whatever i like . if others dont like it , they can look elsewhere lol . The good thing about getting older is you grow to be comfortable in your own skin .

    • janet H  

      Love your attitude, Diane. I made a conscious decision this year to dress to please myself and, living in a tropical humid climate, sleeves to cover my aging upper arms were the first thing to go. It was quite hard to go out of the front door to begin with, but then I realised how much cooler and free I felt. Now I don’t give a second thought about sharing my age with the rest of the world.

  7. some lovely ideas but have you ever noticed when you go shopping that it isn’t easy to find sleeves in the clothes you like? lol

    • Christina howe  

      Yes have the same problem finding nice cool sleeves. Shere filmy sleeve would be nice , so I get some lace and add them myself. But wonder if it draws attention to them as a homemade addition.

  8. Wear what I want, who cares. I very much doubt anyone would think or say “she shouldn’t be wearing that” and really what other people think about the way I look doesn’t bother me. It is 37 here today, and sleeveless it is.

  9. Mmmmm. It’s bloody hot in this part of West Aussie. 40deg here today,so I wear a lot of sleeveless t/shirts and tops. My arms are as skinny as a rake and also a bit wrinkly, but at 74 I don’t give a hoot as long as I am cool that’s all that matters!!

    • Barbara I am also 74 and do not give a hoot ,,if they do not like it they can turn around ,,,have a lovely day ,,,from beautiful Inverloch Vic 👍👍👍

    • Cheers Johanna from beautiful Bindoon WA 80 k’s From Perth on Grt Northen Highway. Very hilly ,hot in summer n very cold in winter ( nights) 🤗

    • I’ve got skinny arms too..but do tend to wear extended sleeve a bit more. these days..! but why worry !t agree Barbara Gaston…been very hot here in WA….I’m Perth ite too..though originally a country gal…

    • Good for you Glenys ,it has been very hot . No matter what you wear, as long as you are comfortable in what you are wearing! Take care, winter is on it’s way! Barbara Gaston .

    • Jill  

      I totally agree! I only wear sleeves in winter

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