Saturday night nostalgia: The make-up trends we loved over the years

Make-up trends over the years certainly take up all colours of the rainbow.

There are entire industries built on the concept of women wanting to look beautiful.

And we buy it. Lots of it! Make-up, that is.

And we wear it, and when the style’s change, we change with it.

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And when a new trend comes out, we’ll try it.

There’s been so many concepts that we’ll happily fork over our cash for if it promised to make us look better.

Here’s a few you items you may remember buying, and some you may wish to forget.

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There was no such thing as a light coverage. It was all or nothing back then. Pan-cake make-up sure helped with the ‘all’ part.

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Every girl wants a healthy glow, don’t they? Who tried the first Transparent Glowing Powder? Obviously an old-school version of today’s bronzing powder, that offered a touch of glow.

Remember when mascara came in a box and not in a tube? Cake mascara, applied with a toothbrush-like applicator, was the way to go. Surprisingly it’s come back into fashion for it’s thick, cake-like application.

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Another product that’s been super trendy of late is coconut oil, but that too has been around before. Who remembers the benefits of ‘proper shampooing’ with this product to create beautiful hair?

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If you had a taste for your fashion, why not have a taste for your make-up? Remember flavoured lip gloss? Strawberry, peppermint, watermelon, cola, cherry, orange, marshmallow, fairy floss, and bubblegum were some of the options. Which one did you prefer?

⭐ Maybelline (1988). Kissing Koolers flavored lip gloss.

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And if colour was your thing, oh the ’70s and ’80s were for you.

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How many of these products were in your make-up bag?