Princess Victoria wears her mum’s ’80s dress

She's pulled off a look her mum wore in the '80s.
Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria has stepped out in the same dress her mother wore more than 30 years ago.

Remember as a little girl when you would try on your mum’s dresses and wear them around for fun?

Well, it’s not just something you do as a little girl anymore.

There’s a trend of mothers handing down their clothes to their daughters – and the timeless styles are catching on around the world.

Even members of the royal family of Sweden are catching on with the trend.

Crown Princess Victoria has been photographed on official business in Japan, wearing a dress her mother wore back in the ’80s.

The vintage navy blue dress with red polka dots and striped sleeves was a favourite of Queen Silvia’s.

In fact she was photographed wearing it back as early as 1978, when Princess Victoria was just a baby.

Comparison photos of the mother and daughter wearing the dress, taken 30 years apart, show just how timeless the style really is.

What do you think? Have you ever worn one of your mother’s dresses? Do you think the style is timeless?

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  2. Joan Marshall  

    I think it is a wonderful idea to recycle old clothes. Royalty spend too much on clothes which is quite unnecessary. The money saved on designer clothes could go to charity. Unless it is a special event then spend a little more to look good other wise recycle clothes such as Crown Princess Victoria is doing with her Mother’s clothes.

  3. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Yes a wonderful idea, if you still have the clothes your mother wore. I cannot imagine my daughter wearing my clothes though. For people who are royalty and actresses that have clothes galore then they keep them forever and can imagine recycling them. Clothes then were made so well and not China rubbish.

  4. Sandi  

    That’s investment dressing. IE, A classic dress that still looks fashionable today. With clothing, what goes around, comes around. The designer &/or dressmaker of that dress would be proud that it’s still wearable today. Yes, and it’s stupid to waste money wearing a different outfit 365 days of each year. A terrible toll on the planet to throw out something that’s still useful.

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