Princess Mary in full bloom at awards ceremony

If you love Princess Mary’s style, you’ll love her latest look. Our Mary has stepped out in style at an

If you love Princess Mary’s style, you’ll love her latest look.

Our Mary has stepped out in style at an awards ceremony in Copenhagen and it’s the simplicity and elegance of her look that has everyone talking.

Wearing a floral Marc Jacobs dress with a yellow rose print, black piping and knee length pleats, Princess Mary looked glowing at the Carlsberg Foundation Research awards.

What do you think of the dress? Personally I actually like it even though I never wear yellow myself 💛 #crownprincessmary

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It may be autumn in Denmark, but Mary was serving up some Australian spring for the crowds.

She paired her outfit with a simple pair of black heels, a black clutch and minimal jewellery.

September 25 2016, Mary participated in a celebration dinner and was responsible for presentation of the Carlsberg Foundation Research Prizes 2016 #crownprincessmary

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Princess Mary is no stranger to the awards ceremony, wowing the crowds with her look last year as well.

It comes just a week after Princess Mary visited the United Nations in New York to give a talk about gender equality and women’s health.

“We must recognise that for a woman who is about to give birth, or for the adolescent girl who survived sexual violence, these life-saving services are as vital as water, food and shelter,” she told a special event at the UN.

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And there’s more amazing looks to come.

Princess Mary and her husband Prince Frederik are heading back to the United States this week to visit Boston and Washington.

Could there be a Michelle Obama and Princess Mary meeting?

What do you think of Princess Mary’s look? Do you love her sense of style?

  1. Susan Bell  

    four articles on bloody royals. Who cares what they are doing, what they are wearing, what their jewellery, belts, earrings etc looked like, how their hair looked.Nearly as bad as New Idea, Women’s weekly , just trivial fawning and genuflecting to the rich. Why not look at real stories, why do we punish the poor and pay the rich, who is influencing our parliamentarians, why the hell do private schools get government money etc., etc., the list of important things you could write about is endless.

  2. Ysabeau  

    Susan, if you want serious political discussion there are many, many forums readily available you can participate in and really enjoy, if that’s your bag. Starts at 60 does cover some more ‘serious’ issues, but on the whole, seems to me to have a main focus on the lighter side of life. No need to be so critical. Just go and find what suits you. Some folks really love the royals and their doings, plus they – as a group – bring in millions for their economies via the tourist $$$. It’s a great ‘foil’ to – goodness knows – the endless sad and horrific stuff on television. Each to their own.

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