Princess Mary continues her reign of style

The Crown Princess of Denmark has been busy at work, advocating for women and children and proving to the world

The Crown Princess of Denmark has been busy at work, advocating for women and children and proving to the world she really is the most stylish royal around.

The glamorous 43-year-old mother-of-four appeared at the Carlsberg Foundation Research Awards 2015 on Wednesday in a lovely dusky-pink lace dress, finished off by Cindarella-style sparkling heels, where she presented research grants.

Just days before, Princess Mary was immaculately turned out in a timeless white frock as she raised a flag to create awareness for gender equality. Mary is the patron for Women Deliver, which is a global advocate for girls’ and women’s health, rights and well-being.


H.K.H Kronprinsesse Mary, Kronprinsesse Mary, KronprinsessenA week ago, she looked effortlessly chic in a Danish-designed full floral skirt and simple black top at the Design to Improve Life Awards. This year’s nominations included apps to assist the blind, wearable thermostats and self-driving cars.

Don’t you just love Mary’s timeless, elegant style? 

  1. Oh please, it’s not as if she races back to Australia because there’s a sale on at Millers, with all the advantages she has of personal stylists, access to the worlds best designers, & an image she has to portray to the world, how else would you expect her to look, we should be so lucky to have 1/4 of her clothes budget.

    • You sound jealous Lyn?
      No matter how much money anybody has we can all be dressed well and be nice to people.

    • No Anne I’m not jealous, but it does get up my nose when we keep admiring these pampered people but are happy to criticise the average hard working young Mums out there doing their best on limited budgets.

  2. Kerrie Bloxsom  

    She is so stylish and elegant 🙂

  3. My favourite of all the Royals, she seems to get the balance right, between family and Royal commitments

  4. Actually Princess Mary re-uses a lot of her clothes time and again. It’s often commented on in the Danish news. Some times a skirt might be one that she wore several times over 4 years. You also get questions from fans about where got she got the clothes from and a lot is bought in Danish department stores somewhat similar to Target. I remember the skirt was the princely?? sum of $30. Of course she also gets designer pieces for special ‘do’s’ but a lot of her stuff is not over the top. The Danish royals are much more relaxed than the British.

  5. She doesn’t have to get up early. .rush kids to day care and school ..then go to work. .come home ..pick up kids..cook dinner. .clean the house. .do laundry. .help with homework. .pay bills …need I go on…stop glamourising these people ..over it..

    • So true Gail, I don’t understand why we keep admiring these people that lead such pampered lives, but will criticise the average hard working mums.

    • I have been an average hard working mum but no-one has ever criticised me, and I certainly don’t criticise them.

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