Princess Charlene looks absolutely fabulous but her son stole the show

Princess Charlene of Monaco is always glamorous and her presence at this picnic event was no different. The royal, 38, wore
Princess Charlene just got the spotlight stolen from her by her cute son. Photo: YouTube.

Princess Charlene of Monaco is always glamorous and her presence at this picnic event was no different.

The royal, 38, wore a stylish maxi-dress with beautiful floral embroidery which she finished with black shoes. And next to her is a very handsome prince – her son! Look how cute the mini royal is.

The former swimmer attended the picnic with her son Jacques who turns two in December. While Charlene looked elegant in soft hues, little Jacques stole the spotlight in a red polo shirt, white pants and his blonde locks which he most probably got from his mother. The mother and son pair share the same beautiful eye colour too. Jacques has a twin sister Princess Gabriella who was born in December 2014, two minutes before him.

The princess wore pearl earrings to complement her overall soft makeup and also had stacks of pearl rings together.

Charlene completed her ensemble with a dash of red lipstick and her hair left natural-looking. She also wore a very fine necklace around her neck.

The popular event, which is known as ‘Monaco’s picnic’ is held every year in Le Parc Princesse Antoinette. Former Olympic swimmer Charlene married Prince Albert of Monaco in 2011, after meeting him 11 years earlier at a swimming meet in Monaco.

What do you think of her style?

    • Mrs. Pat Mason  

      Like Princess Diana, she is quietly beautiful. No flamboyance or falseness. True, natural beauty at it’s best!!! Admire her style so much. And…. she’s proudly South African, too!

  1. G. Lawson  

    Don’t know about the woman and her son, but simply loved the guy in the pretty green dress and his hat…wow. Where can I get one like that? I’ll kill em at the next Mardi Gra Festival,

  2. Pauline  

    She always looks so sad to me.

    • Mary  

      I’m inclined to agree. Think it was just a marriage of convenience to make sure there would be an heir to the throne.

  3. Meredith  

    Yes Pauline I was just thinking the same thing as I looked at the pictures.

  4. Katherine  

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile in any photo ever. Even at her wedding! Looks like a troubled soul to me!

  5. Joan Marshall  

    This Princess has a sad look. It cannot be easy with knowing her Price Albert has children by other women who he cannot acknowledge because he was not married to the women he had the children by. She knew what she was getting in to.

  6. Sally  

    She wasn’t happy on her wedding day. I believe she tried to get out of her marriage. As you said she never smiles. A very sad lady

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