Over 60 women, do you agree with Twiggy on fashion and ageing?

Fashion changes as we age and it has been a phenomenon that occurs for years. But for some reason, these changes are modelled around the way bodies are “expected” to age. They’re modelled around the stereotypical changes our bodies experience, as we get older.

But Twiggy has been very outspoken this week about it saying that it needs to stop. The Daily Mail reports that Twiggy said, “I refuse to say women of certain ages should not wear certain things. It is all about how you wear it. It makes me crazy when I read magazines which say, ‘if you’re a teenager wear this, if you’re 30, wear this, if you’re 40, wear this’”.


And she has a point – why do we have “guidelines” about what pieces of clothing we’re allowed to wear? Furthermore, why does society decide what we’re allowed to wear?

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Twiggy went on to say that she had recently done a photo shoot wearing skinny jeans, a black leather jacket and backcombed hair and she looked great!

Madonna also recently said, “Women generally, when they reach a certain age, have accepted that they’re not allowed to behave a certain way. But I don’t follow the rules. I never did and I’m not going to start. This is what a 56 year old looks like”.


So we have two women who are leading the way in busting the stereotypes around ageing. But do we feel the same way?

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On many Starts at 60 style articles we get told things like “that’s too old” or “that’s too young” so are there young and old clothes? Are there certain things that we shouldn’t be wearing and things that we should?


For many it comes down to personal choice – what we are comfortable in. And to be frank, we think that this is what it should be about. But what about when your idea of comfortable is different to someone else’s idea of comfortable – what should you do then?

With phrases like “mutton dressed as lamb” and other quite horrible things being thrown around so loosely, can we be comfortable while being comfortable?


So tell us, do you agree with Twiggy and Madonna? Do you think everyone can dress how they feel comfortable without feeling uncomfortable because of the opinions of others? Share your thoughts in the comments below…