Melania stuns in grey for Holocaust museum tour after skipping Davos

Melania Trump often shares passionate messages on social media.

Melania Trump made a stunning appearance at the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington on Friday, as her husband spoke at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.

The First Lady stood out as she was given a guided tour of the museum, and, clearly moved by it, she later shared a powerful message on social media.

Wearing a knee-length fitted grey coat, Melania showed off her legs and figure in the flattering outfit. She kept her hair loose and styled, and towered in huge stilettos as she walked round each of the stands inside.

At one point she’s seen with her head bowed, apparently in front of a line of candles, in tribute to the millions of people who lost their lives in the horror. Meanwhile, she then moves on and is shown dozens of photos of the victims.

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Posting three photos on her Twitter page, she wrote: “Thank you @HolocaustMuseum for a powerful & moving tour that honors the millions of innocent lives lost, and educates us on the tragedies and effects of the holocaust. #WeRemember #AskWhy.”

She later took part in a minute’s silence inside, in honour of the tragic victims.

“My thoughts and prayers are with the people whose lives and families were broken by the horrors of the Holocaust,” she said in a statement released after her trip. “Yet it is also through our shared humanity that we come together now in commemoration, strength, and love. My heart is with you, and we remember.”

According to the Independent, the 47-year-old was due to appear with her husband in Davos, but made a last minute decision to stay in the US. Her spokesman said “scheduling and logistical issues” had forced her to change her plans.

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Meanwhile, her husband Donald Trump gave a speech at the annual Forum, where he said he will always put the US first when it comes to trade, but “that does not mean America alone”. He added: “The US is open for business.”

Trump attempted to define his “America First” policy, and urged people to bring business to the States. He went on to say he supports free trade, but accused “some countries” of exploiting the international trading system at the expense of others, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

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