Makeup mistakes to avoid in your 60s!

Makeup can be empowering. If used correctly, make up will highlight your natural beauty and disguise any perceived flaws. You

Makeup can be empowering. If used correctly, make up will highlight your natural beauty and disguise any perceived flaws. You should look and feel fabulous when wearing makeup – not look older or harsh or like a drag queen for that matter!

As we age, we really shouldn’t be applying our makeup in the same way we did when we were in our 20s. My advice? Less is more and go softly for a polished look, define the eyes, lips and cheeks, and even out the skin tone and create a youthful glow.

Here are some of the worst makeup faux pas that will add years to your face – ones which are best avoided!


Do you know how to tell if the colour you are wearing is the right one for you? It’s the one you can’t see – you should be the only one who knows you are wearing it, let everyone else think you have fabulous skin!

When choosing your foundation go for an anti-ageing formula with light reflecting particles in it and with a dewy finish.

Tip: When shopping for a new foundation, apply the colour to your jaw to see if it matches – your hand is likely a different colour to your face!


It is always a mistake to wear foundation like a mask to cover your skin. Only apply it where needed and use it sparingly. Don’t forget to prime the skin first to ensure your foundation sits properly on the skin and lasts.


Skip the powder entirely. Applying powder to a mature skin emphasizes fine lines and wrinkles. It will also make your skin seem dry. Leave it for the shiny young oily ones. A healthy dewy face is much more youthful!


Women who do this only end up drawing more attention to the very area they are trying to disguise! Use a light hand only focusing on the darkest areas. Using a product with light reflective properties like YSL Touche Eclat is ideal.


Clarins Extra-Firming Foundation SPF 15

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Our lips thin with age and wearing dark lipstick makes them look even thinner. Avoid at all costs! And don’t wear anything too garish either – this is where women start to tread into mutton dressed up as lamb territory…


Leave matte lipstick for the young ones, it is terribly ageing on older women. Go for something with a hint of sheen or gloss for fuller and more youthful looking lips. When using lip liner use a colour that matches your natural lip colour. Apply by using feathery strokes all over to make your lippy last for ages – don’t just put it around the rim creating a harsh line!


Bobbi Brown lip pencil in ballet pink

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If you wear mascara and liner on the bottom lashes it drags your face down, making you look tired and ageing you terribly.

Applying mascara to the top lashes only lifts the face giving a much fresher and wide-eyed appearance. Don’t forget to use your eyelash curler to really open up your eyes. When applying eyeliner try to get it as  close to your eyelash base as possible to help define your lash line.


It is so ageing. Our skin is much finer around the eye area and shimmery eyeshadow highlights every sag and droop. Steer clear! A hint of sheen on the inner corner, mid lid and just under the arch on the brow bone can be beautiful but do this ever so slightly.


When it comes to blusher – go for a soft rose to give your complexion a healthy glow. One of the best ways to choose a good colour blush is to try to find a colour which is the same as what you would naturally flush when exercising or when you pinch your cheeks. Blush can single handedly be the most important tool in your make-up arsenal to achieve that elusive healthy glow. Again go ever so softly – high on the apples of the cheeks, up & back . Never go below the base of your nose.


And by overdoing I mean over-plucking, or going all Groucho Marx with overly heavy definition. You want to define your brows and keep them as full as possible. Keep them well groomed and natural.


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Do you find any of these tips useful?  Are there any we have missed?

    • No i dont wear any of that gunk and it is gunk. Just clean the face,swim in salt water and moisturise it. Natural glow will take affect.Use natural lip colours or tatoo it.

    • Lee Leary depends how good looking you are Lee, I like my eye make up and no matter how old I am, I’ll always wear it. Would love my lip liner tattoo’d on, too scared of the needles, although I did have eyeliner done once and it was bloody sore 🙁

      • Jan Edwards  

        It hurts like hell to get your lips done and I will never have it done again. Even though I’d been taking lethacin to stop getting cold sores, they still came out. Later on in the evening after I had my lips done, I looked like a cross between Mick Jagger and Les Girls but my daughter said don’t worry people will just think it’s botox. A week or so later it was lovely, rosy pink lips, Thev eyebrows and eyeliner hurt a bit too, but I still think the eyebrows are worth it but now I am getting older, I might just bstay with the pencil or 1000 hours,. It’s a brow tinting dye. When I see women who bother with it and it’s applied well it’s great and lovely to see them take pride in themselves.

    • No,it doesnt hurt the tatoo on lips,honest, not sure about the eyes. I’d like to but a little chicken also Victoria Alexandra D’Arienzo,the makeup today is garbage(I know cause my appreticship was in hair and skincare-makeup)Beautician.I’m always looking at skin care and make up as well as hair products that come on the market.However I do use kohl a natural one,thats hard to find, on my eyes sometimes too. Just not that makeup on face with those special filters (spf)that have goodness knows what is in them on my skin,poison, if you cant pronounce it dont put it on your skin,it goes srtraight to the liver.

  1. I had my makeup done for my daughters wedding. It was dreadful. She kept adding layer upon layer of powder and I said I don’t like powder. Her reply was it will set your makeup. I looked pale, the lipstick was too dark, my eye makeup was awful and I didn’t feel good at all. It was too late to remove it and do my own. Never again. I rarely use it but make a better job than she did.

    • I have insisted on doing my own makeup for my sons wedding in June. I have been caught once never again.

    • I had a similar experience at my son’s wedding, I was horrified, almost in tears with what the make-up lady had done to my face. I washed it off and applied my own make-up hastily but at least I could recognise myself in the mirror.

  2. Dressing appropriately; applying make-up appropriately ARE issues relative to age. Both, if done inappropriately, can accentuate our age rather than be complimentary. There are some really good tips in this article.

  3. I would like to add one more bit of advice…check yourself in a mirror well-lit with natural light before you leave the house. What may have looked great under a light bulb in a bedroom or bathroom can look completely different when you step out into natural light. I remember a lady when we were kids who always had these ridiculously rosy cheeks and mum’s comment was she must have put her makeup on in a dark room and I think she was on the money there.

  4. Good advice thanks. I love makeup I apply it sparingly, forget the black and harsh colours, love clean hair etc and I’m ready for the day.

  5. I use mineral makeup powder now,and a little lipstick and gloss and I’m ready to.go out. Sometimes eye makeup but only on special occasions. So much quicker than years ago

  6. If you are a male…..I suggest not much at all….unless well …you know you want to wear a lot …then wear heaps great dollops of the stuff …I don’t care

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