Look slimmer in pictures using these tips

Most of us have heard how the camera adds 10 pounds every time we come out looking awful in a

Most of us have heard how the camera adds 10 pounds every time we come out looking awful in a photo. Guess what? The truth is: it really does!

Apparently, human beings are made to view things in stereo- with two eyes, allowing for depth perception.

But with the camera much of the depth becomes lost unless the photographer is experienced enough to create the illusion of depth using lights, shadows, and distance cues.

But is there a way to not add 10 pounds to our existing figure? According to Style Caster, these tips will help you to look slimmer in photos…

1. Turn your body

We’ve seen the celebrities do it: Slightly turn your body sideways (toward the camera) planting one foot in front of the other. Then point your toe to the camera and place your weight on your back foot. Looking at the lens head-on usually makes you appear larger.

2. Stick your chin out or use your tongue
It might feel weird, but sticking your chin or head out slightly will help to reduce a double chin if you have one. Another trick to make the face look slimmer in photos is to put your tongue on the roof of your mouth while smiling.

3. Say no to low angles
Don’t allow yourself to get photographed from below. It’s the most unflattering angle there is, and can make you look pounds heavier. Head-on can work, but the best is if the camera is slightly above you. Because of the angle, you’ll need to look up, which elongates and thins out your neck and torso.

4. Dress accordingly
It sounds intuitive, but if you know you’re going somewhere where pictures will likely be snapped, wear things you know are flattering. Wearing all one colour is a good way to go, as is shapewear if you’re in a tight dress or gown—it’s the foundation of an outfit that can make or break how your clothing translates on camera.

5. Position your arms

You might have noticed that celeb pose with their camera-facing arm on their hip. It’s because it ensures that their upper arm isn’t squashed against the body making it look flattened and thus larger. If you find the hand-on-hip pose to be a bit forced, try holding your arms out from your sides ever so slightly.

6. Make sure your hair isn’t too severe
If you’re wearing your hair up, make sure it’s not too severe. Whereas some updos can make your neck look longer and thinner, buns, braids, or ponytails that are too tight can create harsh angles, causing your face and torso to look larger.

7. Sit pretty
Although it’s always preferable to stand in photos, if you happen to be sitting when someone comes at you with a camera, be sure to cross your legs at your ankles—your thighs and calves will look slimmer. Also, don’t forget to sit at the edge of your seat so your posture would be better.

8. Fake a tan
Since most of us tend to look washed out in everyday photos, a subtle glow makes a world of difference. Why not try some light spray tan? It can make your legs, arms, shoulders, and neck look slimmer. And if you’re only showing your face, try some light dusting of bronzer.

9. Avoid direct sunlight
If you’re shooting outside, direct sunlight can make you squint, which can make your jawline rounded. Instead, late afternoon and early evening are the most flattering times of day for outdoor photos.

10. The old bag trick
If you’re wearing something that’s tight, bulky, or detailed around the middle, it could look expanded in photos even if it looks fab in person. Hold your bag directly in front of the area to mask it in pictures.

Do you like your picture being taken or do you shy away?