It’s bath time! How to have the most luxurious bath ever

When was the last time you had a bath – a proper relaxing bath where you can drift off and

When was the last time you had a bath – a proper relaxing bath where you can drift off and leave your worries at the door? The kind of bath where you dim the lights, light some candles and have a glass of bubbly within reach?

I know we bathe every day, but to take an indulgent soak is good for you every now and then. Not only will it help you to relax, soothe any aches and pains, but it will make you feel like a new you. You deserve to take time out for yourself!


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Create a spa-like atmosphere

Turn off the overhead lights. Light a few scented candles around the room.  Find your favourite bubble bath and prepare to relax.


Did you know?

The perfect temperature for a bath is two degrees above body temperature! Don’t make your bath too hot as it will dry your skin out.

Here, Starts at 60 Style shares some of the best bathing products on the market right now:




Jo Malone London red roses bath oil

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Chanel No5 the foaming bath

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Laura Mercier honey bath creme brulee

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Kiehl’s lavender foaming relaxing bath with sea salts and aloe vera

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Glamourflage madam em bubble bath

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The Aromatherapy Co detoxifying bath salts – geranium and palmarose

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Radox muscle soothe herbal bath soak

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L’Occitane lavender shower gel

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Radox muscle soothe relaxing bath salts

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Sanofi epsom salts

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Billie Goat intensive moisture bath soak

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When was the last time you took an indulgent bubble bath?  What are you waiting for?



  1. It’s shower time! I had the bath ripped out before I slipped in it again and did some real damage. The hand held shower head is wonderful. I can wash parts of me better than ever before 🙂

    • Ha ha Leone – I’m thinking of doing the same since I’ve broken ribs twice in the past 18 months slipping on the floor and grabbing for the bath to stop my fall – or maybe it would be wiser to get different tiles on the floor 🙂

    • Seriously – I bath and shower without my glasses on which means I misread the bath edge and stumble. So we started in the bathroom preparing for older age. No bath just large shower cubicle with two grab rails (carpenter sized me up and put extra nails and noggin in the walls. I need a substantial grab rail) the shower head moves up and down on a vertical grab rail and can be hand held :). The new floor tiles are the best available in non slip. Of course there is no such tile as non slip but these are definitely less slippery than the originals. I’ve enjoyed having a quick shower more than once a day. Step in, step out and an wide enough door for when I have to sit on a chair to shower.

  2. They sound luxurious and relaxing, in reality I become pretty bored and get out, I can’t remember the last one. I don’t like spas very much either.

  3. No bathtub here, got rid of it when I became sick of dusting it after many years of disuse,even small grandchildren preferred the shower

  4. We still have a shower and a separate bath – every so often I get in and have a soak its lovely with a good luxury soap.

  5. Have only had a shower for ages. I absolutely hate baths, it’s completely illogical and silly but my skin crawls and I feel ill if I try to get into a bath or spa. However I’ll happily get in a swimming pool, makes no sense at all.

  6. I can’t remember the last time I had a bath and I don’t look forward to having one in the future, I can’t for the life of me understand why people want to soak in their own muck, if the bath is for muscular relaxation, it has to be followed by a shower.

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  8. Did a bathroom reno, bath tub was taken out ( picked up right away by neighbor who has a small farm).only have shower now. Am 72 already, I prefer showers anyway !!

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