It is easy to update your look with this step-by-step guide!

The seasons, they are a changin’!  Well in the shops they are at least!  Now is the time to start

The seasons, they are a changin’!  Well in the shops they are at least!  Now is the time to start planning your wardrobe for autumn/winter 2016.  I know it is a hard thing to do when it is scorching hot outside, but it will be well worth it in the long run.


Head into your closet and dust off the winter clothes.  Remove anything that:

  1. doesn’t fit,
  2. is stained or shabby or
  3. any basics you didn’t wear last winter
  4. stuff you don’t like anymore

Give these items away or sell them if you have time. They no longer serve a purpose to you and are now officially ‘clutter’!


Spend some time with the following:

  1. Take a look at what clothes you do have left and break it down into the essentials and fashionable items.
  2. Check your knitwear to ensure it is not moth eaten or heavily pilled.
  3. How are your shoes and bags looking?  Are your boots needing to be re-soled?  Does your favourite handbag look like it has seen better days?
  4. Got a good coat if need be?
  5. What about your jewellery?  Is it clean?  Does it still work for you?

Play around with some looks and see what works well together.  Identify the pieces that don’t seem to go with anything, and also identify what you think is missing from your wardrobe.  Make a list and this is where we will start forming the basis of your wardrobe’s seasonal update.


Start shopping

You may not need much – some new tees, a skirt, new jeans and a couple of pairs of shoes – but at least you now know what you actually do need!

Next time you are out shopping or looking online keep your list handy and start finding what you need.  Keep an eye out for some fabulous accessories &  fashion items to reflect the key trends which will keep your look current – always adapting to fit in with your sense of style!


Some trends & colours to keep in mind for autumn/winter 2016

  • folksy, black and white, seventies luxe, 80’s, victorian, denim, suede, faux fur, cherry, fringing, camel, black and grey.


Updating your accessories will always be one of the quickest and easiest ways to update your look!  Why not try a new  watch with on-trend cut-outs?  Tie-up shoes will be very popular this season.  This pair by Wittner are in cherry suede. A new pair of sunnies and a couple of new scarves will instantly freshen your appearance.  Everyone should have a denim skirt or denim jeans as part of their wardrobe essentials – now is the time to bring them out!




Wittner dane in cherry suede

Available here

Sacha Drake denim skirt

Available here

Front Row Society algas scarf

Available here

Komono estelle cutout black rose watch

Available here

Mink Pink ott sunglasses

Available here


Update classic shapes like a pair of black pants,  a 3/4 sleeve tee and ballet flats with a long 70’s inspired fringed cardigan or cape.  A statement bag will complete the look.





Country Road contrast panel tote

Available here

Country Road fringe waterfall cardigan

Available here

Millers 3/4 sleeve layering basic

Available here

Sportscraft felicity pull-on pant

Available here

Mimco fiction ballet flat

Available here


Did you find any of these tips useful?



  1. I don’t really follow the fashion so much these days. I have a style that suits me with casual cargo pants and polo shirts which work for me, I dress for comfort more than anything now.

  2. good grief! I am wearing the same clothes I have had for many years!!! who cares about fashion when you are on the age pension!!!

  3. New season coming so a good time to get rid of stuff! Going from a working life to retirement this winter so I am sorting what I won’t wear again or adapt to a more casual life.

  4. Done enough black suits in my time! Will be dressing in bright colours with layered extras! Trackie dacks for casual and downtime wear!!! 😉

  5. I have a fairly basic casual style that can be easily modified using different fabrics. Love the lairy pants that are currently acceptable.

  6. Can’t wait to off load black corporate clothes – soon bright and happy clothes for me. Buy what I feel I need – luv a bargain 😃

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