I vow to never dress like an old woman

Susanne was clearing out the house to get ready for a garage sale when she saw some of her old

Susanne was clearing out the house to get ready for a garage sale when she saw some of her old clothes.

“I had cute printed blouses, pretty skirts and some really beautiful dresses,” Susanne says. “Wow, I used to dress really well. Kept up with the trends and had some really nice pieces in my closet,” she adds.

But now, according to Susanne, her personal style has fallen into the background, buried by “old people” fashion that’s being offered in the store.

“I stood in front of the mirror and asked myself “what are you wearing, Susanne?”

“Beige blouse, granny-looking pants and orthopaedic shoes. Good Lord!

“I’m not saying that those things can’t be worn to look stylish, it’s just how I put everything together.

“I have ended up dressing according to what society expects me to dress,” Susanne says.

Susanne says she used to be bolder when she was younger. She would pick things that stand out.

“I guess I was afraid of what people around me would think of me. Some old woman dressing age-inappropriately.

“But you know what, style shouldn’t be defined by age but rather by personality. It’s really up to me to pick what I want to wear.

“Call me crazy but after looking at my old clothes and seeing what I have become, I vow to never dress like an old woman.”

There are plenty of over-60s who still look stylish and wear they feel work for them.

“There are a few ladies whom I admire,” Susanne says. “I don’t think I could pull off a Gunilla Ponten look because I never dressed flamboyantly when I was younger anyway.

“But I do want to amp up my style again.”

“For starters, I want to add some colour to my hair. I found plenty of shampoo-in hair colours and those semi permanent mousse onĀ hair colours that I can do at home.

These DIY hair colours are great.
These DIY hair colours are great. This Aussie shop offers reasonable prices and ship to anywhere in the world.

“Then I think I’m going to have to update my makeup bag. I’ve been surviving with lip balm when all this while I could have made better effort.”

“Finally, I want to add some new items to my wardrobe. New accessories, tops and dresses. Just to add some colour. Unfortunately, lots of shops that seem to target over-60s sell boring colours and designs so I’ll have to be brave and start venturing online.”

“I love this look by Diana Gabriel. It’s really fresh yet not too crazy,” Susanne says.

“It’s time for a makeover,” Susanne says.

How has your style evolved over the years? What do you think of the style on offer for over-60s?

  1. Joy Salmon  

    There is a huge problem in finding clothes for the over 60’s. I like to wear comfortable but trendy clothes however finding these is proving more and more difficult. I have a large group of friends aged from 50 up and we all have the same problem.

  2. Heather  

    Another BIG problem is when you have gained those extra pounds-sorry Kilos- you just want to hide, and that makes your dressing style worse than ever.

  3. Diana Mitchell  

    Not a problem for me. Always a country girl at heart. Now in the country, I revel in slim fitting pants and those classic jackets when out. Excess tummy bulge cunningly hidden by the latter. Oh and I’m 78..

  4. THE WINTER FASHIONS WERE SO BLAND This year nothing gave the me..Yes… i must have that feeling…being middle aged as i call it even at 67… and those extra skinny leg trouser?? … lets just say that i did not even consider them.. Yawn …. if something is plain in a top then i match it up with slim leg matching trousers or a knee length skirt and thick tights to keep my legs warm… I Bling things up with a fancy flowery long scarf around the neck and dangling jewellery … I am not ready for boring.. Yet ….Lol….

  5. I love Taking Shape clothes – fun clothes for overweight ladies of a certain age.

    • Catherine Hoskinson  

      this company sure makes a statement for us older Ladies I so much enjoy wearing the vibrant colours and handkerchief hem dresses skirts and tops.. I’m 78 and in a wheel chair.

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