How you can get rid of 'turkey neck' without surgery

If you know what turkey neck is, then chances are you know how frustrating it can be.

But what causes it and how can you can get rid of it?

Well, like any part of your body, your neck is supported by muscles that can weaken with age.

As your neck muscles weaken, your skin loses it’s support and begins to sag – and that’s when you get turkey neck. On top of that, your skin loses it’s elasticity, which is another common cause of loose skin on your neck.

So, you might be wondering what you can do to get rid of it?

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It turns out it’s actually pretty simple.

All you need to do is exercise your neck!

Regular exercising of your neck will build your muscles, improve your circulation and make your neck look and feel firmer.

The first thing you need to do is strengthen your neck muscles. To do this, try laying on your back and slightly raising your head and neck off the ground. Turn your head gently from right to left and lay your head back down on the ground. You can repeat the exercise as often as you want, however it is important that you don’t jerk your neck. All your neck movements should be controlled and minimal.

You should feel the muscles on your neck working, but if you feel any pain you should stop immediately.  This exercise will help tighten the skin as your neck muscles build, reducing your folds and wrinkles.

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Another way you can get rid of your turkey neck is by stretching and toning your neck muscles.

Try placing your hand, palms down, at the base of neck across your collar bones. Gently apply pressure with hand while tilting your head back slightly, stretching you neck as you go. It’s important you don’t tilt you head all the way back, instead try looking at a point on the ceiling slightly in front you – not above. As you do this, extend you bottom lip upwards so that it slightly covers your top lip. You should hold it for a few seconds and then repeat 10 times. Try swapping hands on your collar bones halfway through.

Do you have a turkey neck? Have you tried any exercises or stretches to get rid of it?