How to pick the most stylish glasses for your face shape and complexion

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We all have extremely specific personal preferences when it comes to style – especially when it comes to the glasses that can help define your entire face and personality to the world.

Sometimes a pair will instinctively feel right; other times something will seem off. But with a little understanding of why a certain style or colour will work, shopping for your next pair can become significantly easier.

The following pointers will help you narrow down your options next time you’re looking for a new pair.

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Considering complexion
If your skin has cool undertones (with hints of pink or blue), consider matching it with “icier” colours such as black, pink, blue or silver. If you have warm undertones (peach or yellow), you will be able to explore more “fiery” colour schemes, including gold, red and off-white.


The best glasses for an oval face
If you’re lucky enough to have an evenly-proportioned oval face, practically any frame can potentially suit you, so don’t limit your options! This puts you in a great position to be adventurous and try some more modern and angular styles.


The best glasses for an angular face
If your face is long and thin in appearance (either triangular or rectangular) shallow frames may make it appear longer, which isn’t always ideal. Instead, consider a stronger brow line or frames that are wider at the bottom. This will give your face a wider look and give your features a lovely proportionate feel. 


The best glasses for a round face
If you have full cheeks, a rounded chin and a wide forehead, it usually pays to stay clear of rounded styles. Try contrasting your soft, curved features with an angular style.


The best glasses for a square face
If you have a square jawline, angular glasses can sometimes make it appear “harsh”. You may wish to soften it with a more curved style. If you see your face as “short”, consider a narrower pair with more width than depth, as this can lengthen the appearance of your face. 

Other factors to weigh
Eye colour can also play a major role in your selection. There are two equally-valid directions you can explore: complementary colours or contrasting colours. Blue eyes, for example, can be amplified overall by a matching grey, or be emphasised by contrast through brown.

While these guidelines can help refine your options, your style remains your own. If in doubt, your local optometrist will be able to talk you through the selection process. Click here to book an appointment at your local Specsavers for a friendly, no-obligation chat.

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