How do I wear 3/4 pants?

One of our Starts at 60 Style community members has asked: “What is it with ¾ pants?  They don’t suit

One of our Starts at 60 Style community members has asked:

“What is it with ¾ pants?  They don’t suit me at all!”

Alison McGregor


Alison thank you for asking this.  When it comes to ¾ pants it is important to get the correct length for you.  If they are too short they will cut you off at the widest part of your calf and make you look stumpy –  and this is NOT  a good look!  If you already have big calf muscles they will be highlighted and look enormous.

According to Tim Gunn, “the baggy cargo capri is the single worst item of clothing in America today!”

In a country like Australia our lifestyle and climate really lend themselves to capris.  You just have to choose the right pair!


09112015 CAPRI PANTS


What is flattering for most is a 7/8 pant which is slim fitting.  You want your pants to finish where your leg naturally dips in at the ankles.  If you wear a shoe with a small heel it will also help to elongate the legs.  A longline tunic will always look good with your capris.  You can also wear a shorter top or one tucked in.


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I hope this is helpful for you Alison!


Do you have any tips for Alison?  Do you have a question that you would like us to answer for you?


  1. I wear 3/4 pants cause they are long on me and I don’t have to take them up

  2. I’m not really tall. They seem too long for me and I have to have seemstress alter them. They used to sell them for tall and short people!

  3. Once is the nicer things about being older, for me, is that I don’t care if other people don’t approve of what I’m wearing..

  4. I hate 3/4 pants, they’re neither one thing or the other. If you want to wear shorts wear them, don’t just wear short trousers!

  5. I am fairly tall 175cm so 7/8 pants always look like they are full length pants that aren’t quite long enough. I do wear lots of 3/4 pants. I find them just right for me. I do wear long tunic tops or longer line tops.

  6. Can’t stand the 7/8th length – always reminds me of when I outgrew pants growing up. No, will stick to 3/4’s

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