Flattering ways to enhance short hair for over-60s

Got short hair? Here are some chic ways to freshen up your look.

As we get older, many of us opt for a shorter hairstyle. Whether it’s for ease of styling, or because your hair no longer grows, there’s no need to feel left out when it comes to styles and different looks.

While some think short hair can only sit a certain way or isn’t as variable as long hair, this actually isn’t true! Your short hair can look awesome with some TLC and these handy hints.

1. Make your own salt spray

Don’t spend a fortune on expensive products to get a beachy texture – you can make it at home. Simply combine 250ml of soda water with a teaspoon of sea salt.

2. Tease it!

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Tease a section of hair from temple to temple, and then pushing it against where you normally part your hair to increase lift.

3. Blow dry half way

Blow your hair dry for half the time you usually would and then let it air dry. Not only will this cut down on heat damage, it will leave you with a natural texture.

4. Do a side braid

It might seem difficult but in fact if you have enough hair, you can achieve a braid! Here’s a tutorial to help you visualise how it’s done.

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5. Wear a funky headband

Headbands don’t have to be simply and black – the variety nowadays is endless! You can wear a pretty gold leaf on a band, or diamantes or even a flower crown.

6. Wrap it up with a scarf or hair wrap

For an even more vibrant look, why not try a scarf? You can wrap it around your head in so many ways. Here are 3 looks to inspire you from Magda, Shona and Gretchen:

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A photo posted by Starts At 60 (@startsat60) on

A photo posted by Starts At 60 (@startsat60) on

A photo posted by Starts At 60 (@startsat60) on

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7. Get a fringe

To make a very short cut look more feminine, try to grow out a fringe portion of your hair, and wear it soft or side swept for a classic, chic look.

8. Use products that add texture

The trick to keeping short hair modern and youthful is to use products that add toughness and texture. Opt for waxes, pomades or even texture powder vs gels, sprays and mousse.

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A great texture powder you can try is the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Instant Volume Powder.

9. Change up your part

Just because you have short hair, you don’t always have to wear it the same way! For something different, try changing the placement of your part. It can show off colours you didn’t even know were in your hair.

10. Dry shampoo is your new best friend

Dry shampoo is a must-have in every woman’s bathroom. It’s great between shampoos and it also aids in adding texture to newly shampooed hair, especially if it’s very thin.

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11. Stick to a trimming schedule

If you can manage it, try to get your hair cut every four to six weeks. If you’re trying to grow it out, you could go 10-12 weeks without a trim. It’s really up to you!

12. Twist it!

This style is really easy to do and is great if you want to keep your hair out of your face in a Boho style. Here’s the tutorial:

Do you have any hair styling tips to add?