Five of the most searched-for fashion dilemmas solved

If you thought pairing that top with those bottoms was the biggest fashion-related question of the year, you’d be so very wrong.

Google has just released its most searched-for fashion questions of 2016 and it seems the most common questions are things you’ve struggled with for decades. Of course the question now is how many of you would struggle with them today?

Among the questions was how to use a needle threader, what do you do when you have chewing gum stuck on your favourite pair of jeans and how can you shrink clothes (oh to have that problem!), but the number one fashion-related questions asked of Google throughout 2016 was… How do I get ink out of clothes?

It turns out Starts at 60 has just the answer, and it’s really quite simple. Alcohol.

Two alcohol-based products you might light to try are non-aerosol hairspray and that trusty side kick hand sanitiser. The ingredient is ethanol, which acts as a powerful solvent. Regardless of which product you use, apply it liberally on the stain until it is totally saturated. Allow it to soak for around 10 minutes and then toss the item of clothing into the wash. A regular cycle is just fine.

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When you pull your clothes out of the washing machine you should see that they are completely free of ink stains.

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The second most queried fashion issue was How to tie a Windsor knot?

Again, the answer is quite simple and it’ll just take a bit of practise for you to perfect it.

  • Start with the wide end of the tie on the right hand and the small end on the left
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  • Put the wide end over the small end on the left
  • Bring it up under the neck loop from underneath
  • Then bring it down to the left
  • Around the back of the small end to the right
  • Then up the centre, towards the neck loop
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  • Through the neck loop and down to the right
  • Across the front to the left
  • Up into the neck loop from underneath
  • Down through the loop you have just created in the front
  • Finally, tighten the knot by pulling down on the wide end. Slide the knot up and adjust.
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    Another question was How to use a needle threader?

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    Followed by How to get chewing gum off jeans?

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    Finally, a lot of people asked How to shrink clothes? And while the answer involves running the garment through the wash on a hot temperature for the longest cycle possible, followed by tossing it into a tumble dryer on a high temperature, most people at Starts at 60 want to know how to un-shrink clothing…

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    What questions have you asked Google this year? What tips and tricks do you have for solving some of these fashion-related issues?