Duchess Catherine stuns in bold outfit during historic ceremony in Canada

The moment the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, set foot at the venue of the historic reconciliation ceremony with Canadian First Nations groups with

The moment the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, set foot at the venue of the historic reconciliation ceremony with Canadian First Nations groups with Prince Harry, all eyes were on the royal as she made a mesmerising entrance. Duchess Catherine looked stunning in a red dress when she joined Prince William for a reception for political and civic leaders from across British Columbia at Government House in Victoria. William and Catherine are currently in Canada for an eight-day tour of the country and they are also joined by their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

The Princess turned heads in her bold dress which was decorated with the royal family’s diamond maple leaf brooch.

This brooch was given to the late Queen Mother by her husband, King George VI, to mark the state visit to Canada in 1939.

Catherine is known for paying homage to the nations she visits by injecting some elements in her outfit and accessories. For example, on the day she arrived, although she wore a dress by a British designer, Alexander McQueen, the statement frock was in red and white, the national colours of Canada.

Catherine and William joined around 25 people, including First Nations representatives, in the drawing room for a ceremony designed to heal the wounds of conflict between indigenous people and the government. Following that ceremony, the royal couple mingled with 200 guests in the ballroom of the grand house, the monarch’s official residence in the province of British Columbia.

Although Kate has been the clear winner when it comes to style and elegance, many love her not just for her fashion but her genuine interest in helping people.

What do you think of her style?

  1. Diane  

    Your editorial says that she is visiting with Prince Harry and then changes later on to Prince William. I think you should proof read before you publish these articles although I always enjoy them and find them most interesting.

  2. Yes I noticed that also Diane. Just another thing I have been noticing is why is the shortened version of Catherine written as Kate, I would have thought it would be Cate. Or am I ignorant of something?

    • Roxy  

      Lots of Cstherines shorten their names to Kate with a K – don’t know why but it seems to be the norm.

  3. jan keightley  

    Catherine is always the elegant vivacious Princess that we all love to see. how can the dowdy camilla ever hope to conpete with her. we love you Princess

      • Annette McKean  

        I’m no fan of Camilla, but YES, I agree with what you say…. That gap in age makes the world of difference…

        • Felicity Sirilli  

          The age would make no difference anyway in this case! Even if Catherine was a grandmother she would be so much more elegant, gracious, beautiful etc. etc. than the other C! There is no possible comparison in any way between these two C’s because the ‘other C’ is simply nothing less than a blatant insult to all decent women the way she behaved so flagrantly throughout Prince William’s mother’s marriage! She will always be so glaring obviously just the other ‘C’!

  4. Carmel Friberg  

    Just geogious so beautiful I loved her dress and her hair very elegant

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