Designer’s 60s fashion slammed for being “blatantly disrespectful” to Hindu Gods

Designer Jeremy Scott unveiled the Moschino’s Summer 2017 menswear and Resort womenswear collections last week in Los Angeles to high praise.
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Designer Jeremy Scott unveiled the Moschino’s Summer 2017 menswear and Resort womenswear collections last week in Los Angeles to high praise.

The ’60s-themed event, which was all about flower power, peace signs, and psychedelic grooviness attracted many celebrities who also came dressed in the 60s style.

But when Miranda Kerr opened the show in a red kaleidoscope-print outfit, no would’ve guessed that it would cop some flack.

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Tea Daniel commented, “The kaleidoscope prints and mirror work are not a “moschino twist”. They’re traditional rajasthani and gujurati indigenous prints (from India, for those who don’t know).”

“The arms on the trompe l’oeil kaftan are not a decoration- they’re a mockery of the hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi,” said Daniel.

“It’s one thing to borrow from Indian culture respectfully, but using disrespectful depictions of gods that followers pray to everyday is unacceptable.”

“Lakshmi gives bestows wealth and luck upon those who deserve it- She certainly does not carry around cheap cheetah print handbags.

“Not only did Jeremy Scott reduce gods to whom I, and millions of others, worship to mere fabric and skimpy swimsuit decorations, but he failed to give any sort of credit to the Hindu culture,” expressed Daniel. According to PBS.Org, to members of the Hindu religion, the elephant is a sacred animal and it is the living incarnation of one of their most important gods, Ganesh, an elephant-headed deity who rides atop a tiny mouse.

And elephant wearing a special head item is depicted in these shorts below.

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“What if Jesus Christ bleeding on the cross was featured on one of those kaftans? Or Mohammad? This fashion line is not an ode to LA or the sixties culture- it’s blatant disrespect of Indian culture,” he said.

Many are blaming the designer for not doing proper research especially when everything can be found on the internet. There are also questions whether he was already aware of the Hinduism elements but chose not to publicly connect it to his collection.

Do you think this designer should have done better research? Is it okay to depict religious images on clothing?

  1. colin  

    I agree with the Hindu, the Lakshmi images are in poor taste and as for Ganesh with his trunk finishing above the genitals!!! . so many times I have to put up with images of a Buddha even in a MEAT eatery. yes if it was the Jesus of the Christians on the back side of a pair of undies all sorts of drama would ensue.

  2. Aki  

    There’s was even a swimsuit piece worn by alessandra ambrosio which had a pink Ganesh inflatable-looking in what looked like a skirt. Completely rude and disrespectful.

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