Dame Julie Andrews stuns on Aussie red carpet

Remember Dame Julie Andrews when she rose to fame playing Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, more than 60 years
Absolutely stunning.

Remember Dame Julie Andrews when she rose to fame playing Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, more than 60 years ago?

She still looks beautiful and right now, she is here in Australia for the My Fair Lady opening night at the Sydney Opera House.

She kept her accessories classic with a long beaded necklace, black earrings and a pair of pointy-toed black heels.

She looked absolutely chic in a timeless velvet suit and black-and-white silk blouse as she beamed with confidence.

The Dame also showcased her elegant style during several events in Sydney.

In front of the Sydney Opera House looking fabulous.

On stage at the media call for My Fair Lady.

Julie, who directed the iconic musical’s Australian stage production this year rose to fame more than 60 years ago.

How amazing does she look?

  1. Jean Walker  

    Very amazing! Can you believe she’s 81 on the first of next month!

    We’re booked to see My fair Lady on 15 October – really looking forward to it.

  2. Jayne  

    It’s not possible to look as good as she does, naturally, at age 81, without the help of a cosmetic surgeon!

    She’s got the money to do that, so why not?.

    Good on her!

    I STILL love movie, ‘Sound of Music’!
    I spent some time in Austria, & whilst there, went to all its’ filming locations!
    What an enjoyable experience!

  3. Maureen  

    I saw the show last weekend. Fantastic from top to toe!

  4. desleigh clarke  

    Amazing woman, have idolised her since I was 16!! 50 years. WOW – 81 and still working!! Wish I was half as good (wouldn’t mind singing like her either) LOL !!

    • Jayne  

      She no longer sings since surgeons’ botched op she had on her throat.
      She sued them for mega $, & rightly so!

  5. colin  

    amazing what you can do with money and plastic surgery. big deal she was in My fair lady. does NOT prove will make a good producer when you simply reproduce the original

  6. It’s the English Rose complexion that she and Judi Dench are famous for.
    They both have style

  7. Joan Marshall  

    Julie Andrews brought joy to us in “Sound Of Music” if she has had a bit of cosmetic surgery great she looks fabulous for her age. I am 71 and do not have a single wrinkle. There is a possibility that she has taken good care of her skin without cosmetic surgery.

  8. Chris  

    Beautiful lady. What class & sophistication.

  9. Beryl May  

    I went to school with Julie Andrews back in 1954, we both attended Mayfield Girls High School in Hersham, England.

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