Botox and filler – why not?

A millimetre here, a millimetre there can be the difference between ordinary and beautiful – so why not? Botox is a

A millimetre here, a millimetre there can be the difference between ordinary and beautiful – so why not?

Botox is a muscle relaxant and is most commonly injected to improve the appearance of crow’s feet lines at the outer edge of the eye and to improve sagginess between the brows. A few days will elapse before the Botox takes full effect and then it will last about three months. Wrinkles and creases won’t necessarily entirely disappear – I would describe the result as a softening and blurring of the crow’s feet lines and a wonderful “lift” effect between the eyes, opening up the whole eye and brow area. An amazing effect. You will love this instant transformation.

Filler is quite different from Botox; it is a substance injected into facial creases and wrinkles to plump and smooth. Various products are used – my cosmetic clinician uses Restalyne and once again I would describe the result as a blurring and softening and plumping of lines and creases. Filler can also be used to enhance the cheeks and will take away droopy flesh under the eyes. I just adore this result, but bear in mind that your eyes may look slightly deeper set than usual. As well as dealing with marionette lines, chin creases and various wrinkles elsewhere on the face, the best known use of filler is to plump the lips and define the edges – another big favourite of mine. Filler will also take away the deep crease that often appears between the eyes around age 60 and with luck one treatment will last for a few years.

My filler (Restalyne) lasts for several months – it will last longer in some areas than others. if you think that the effect is not lasting long enough, ask your clinician if she can adjust the strength.

I have been a fan of injectables for 20 years, starting in my 50’s and consider the results to have been age appropriate at all times during those 20 years. I visit my cosmetic medical clinic about once every nine months. The procedure takes about one hour and costs me between $1,500.00 and $2,000.00. I consider this money well spent. To quote from my recently published book “HEALTH & BEAUTY TIPS FOR WOMEN AGED BETWEEN 60 & 80”

It is more beneficial to your appearance to have a good figure and face than expensive clothes.

Important Tips:

  • If you have filler in the vertical lines above the upper lip, the result will be magical, but you have to know when to stop. A build-up of filler can cause the upper lip to protrude and give a duck’s bill appearance. Check your profile and decide when to take a break.
  • Always use an anaesthetic cream on the places to be injected 30 minutes prior to your appointment. The injections of filler can be a bit painful around the mouth and lips Your cosmetic medical clinic can supply the anaesthetic cream.
  • Avoid having an anaesthetic injection inside your mouth. I have had the filler get inside the channel where the needle was inserted and the filler just stayed there. I suggest you choose the anaesthetic cream rather than the anaesthetic injection.
  • Keep a handkerchief in your hand; your eyes will water and your nose will run during the procedure.
  • Always discuss age appropriateness with your clinician but don’t be too timid. Go for it!
  • If you are taking anticoagulant tablets, discontinue two weeks before your appointment. You can take arnica (a herbal supplement) to help minimise any bruising.
  • Some bruising is bound to occur. Use concealer until the bruises disappear; a couple of days.
  • Visit the bathroom after your appointment and re-do your concealer and makeup if you are not going straight home.
  • If you feel lumps under the skin after your appointment massage firmly with your fingers to disperse the filler. You may have to do this for a few days, especially around the mouth. Press against your teeth.
  • There will be some swelling, so if you think that your result is a bit extreme, relax, it’s temporary and you will probably be disappointed when it subsides.

Filler and Botox give a natural and subtle, very attractive look to the face. The added millimetre here and millimetre there will create beauty and you are bound to be thrilled to bits.

Do you agree with this advice? Are botox and filler ideal ways to bring about beauty with age? Have you (or anybody you know) tried it?



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  1. Im not keen to tamper with the things life has given.ive earned these lines on my face and wear them with pride.botox can look so rediculous at this age and at times changing ones appearance to almost clown face .beside everythings a risk so why take it?

  2. Inject poison into your face/body to get rid of some (often) invisible wrinkles or impurities? Just look into the mirror and ask yourself seriously if you are still on the right track or steering towards a brain break down?

  3. No way not only is it expensive and you have to keep doing it and the only person you are kidding is yourself, ageing is a natural part of life

  4. If I want to appear less wrinkled, I just don’t wear my glasses when I look in the mirror. If cashed up actors and celebrities can end up looking so bizarre, I wouldn’t fancy gambling on a doctor good enough anyway.

  5. It is not for me I am sure I could do with improvement but I am happy to take what nature has dealt to me

  6. Personally, I couldn’t be bothered. I am who I am. But if people are going to feel better about themselves, then I guess why not.

  7. Nah! Not for me, but then I do not have many wrinkles. Crepe around the eyes a little, but that’s it. I really don’t feel comfortable around people who feel it necessary to change their looks to that extent. But if people really feel they have to, well whatever floats their boats.

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