3 ways to look younger this holidays!

We all want to look as vibrant and youthful as possible, don’t we? Our sense of style plays a vital

We all want to look as vibrant and youthful as possible, don’t we?

Our sense of style plays a vital role in how old we appear to others. Did you realise that maybe you could be making yourself look older just by how you throw your look together?

Don’t let your sense of style let you down and make you look old!

Here are 3 sure-fire tips to ensure you are not looking old when you next walk out your door!


1. Wear a colour that suits you!

I encourage all of you to do this! Choose a colour that you know you look good in and wear it close to your face, it will give your complexion an immediate lift and will brighten your eyes, instantly de-ageing you!


17122015 LOOK YOUNGER 1


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2. Choose some on-trend accessories

Be sure to finish off your outfit with some interesting accessories. If you’re putting in a little extra effort into getting dressed, you’ll create the impression that you take pride in your appearance and that you appreciate fashion. This is probably the easiest way to keep dressing young – just update your handbag, sunnies or some bling!


17122015 LOOK YOUNGER 2

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3. Wear some younger shapes

Stick to the classics with your wardrobe essentials and mix some new season styles back with them – something with a bit of interest or an edge. Don’t forget the younger shapes like a tee shirt, denim jacket and jeans – items like this will give a more relaxed, young feel to your look.


17122015 LOOK YOUNGER 3


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Have you found these tips helpful? Do you have any tips that you would like to share?

  1. ‘Look younger’…? No thanks…I’m 57 not 27. I want to look 57. Time we encourage women to get real and accept our/their actual reality and be proud of who we are instead of pretending we are somebody else.

    • Some women choose to look ‘matronly’ …… thank goodness I’m not one of them ! We can accept our age but we don’t need to look like old matrons, I’m 65 and try to look good regardless of my age.

  2. I like the styles, we don’t have to look like really old people unless we choose too, I am not suggesting mutton dressed up as lamb but pretty colours and styles are suitable for all ages

  3. Yeah…old age is a state of mind. Think…live, love and be happy…who wants to live in the past…60 is the new 40!. ..bring it on.

    • Heather A  

      Very true, Jamie! Head up, straight back, walk with a spring in your step.

  4. Totally agree, I find the older Im getting the more colour and bling I love to wear, age is a state of mind, wear what you feel good in.😉

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