Stop doing these things before bedtime to help you get a better nights' sleep

Do you struggle falling to sleep and staying asleep at night? These 10 things could be the reason why! If you stop doing these things, you’re giving yourself a better chance of enjoying a better nights’ sleep.

  1. Screens

Scientists say that exposure to backlit screens on iPhones, iPads, tablets, computers and the television supress melatonin levels. This is a hormone that assists in relaxation and sleep. You should have at least one hour of screen free time before trying to sleep.

  1. Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins and adrenaline, two chemicals that keep you alert and on a high! Exercising before sleep means that the body has to calm right down before the brain will shut off. This makes falling asleep a lengthy and frustrating process.

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  1. Read thought provoking books

When the brain is active, it’s much harder to fall asleep. By reading novels like thrillers or thought provoking stories, your brain will want to keep exploring the topics despite the fact that you’d like to sleep.


  1. Take a hot shower

When the body becomes cooler, it relaxes. This is why a bedroom should always be a cool environment. The heat from a warm shower lifts the core body temperature and the body will need to cool down before a peaceful sleep can be enjoyed.

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  1. Drink two much in the last two years

This one is somewhat self-explanatory. If you drink too much in the final hours before bed, your body will take a long time to process it and you’ll continue waking up throughout the night. Basically, stop drinking so much before sleeping!


  1. Eat a spicy dinner
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Eating spicy foods can cause acid reflux and it also encourages an extra lengthy and sometimes uncomfortable digestion process. These become particularly difficult to tolerate when you’re settling in for the night so avoid interesting food combinations if you’re after a good nights’ sleep.


So now it’s time to do a little self-check. Are you doing any of these things before bed? Perhaps try stopping them for a while and you might find yourself a lot more alert and awake!


Tell us, do you have sleeping troubles? What do you find effective to help you fall asleep?