Stop cleaning your stovetop the hard way thanks to this tip

Stovetops can get very disgusting and seem impossible to clean but never fear we have found a solution! You will

Stovetops can get very disgusting and seem impossible to clean but never fear we have found a solution! You will need some hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, a bowl, a sponge scourer and some paper towel or a tea towel.

  1. Put baking soda into a bowl
  2. Add enough hydrogen peroxide to turn the mixture into a paste.
  3. Dip the scourer into the the mixture and rub onto your stovetop.
  4. After lightly scrubbing your stovetop use the sponge or a damp cloth to remove the cleaning product.
  5. Dry down with a paper towel or tea towel.

How do you get rid of those tough stains and make your home shine?

  1. My stove top is not difficult to keep clean but I believe the oven is still a challenge, I can’t imagine there are many people that clean their oven every time they use it and it’s one of those things that gets left too long.

    • I’ve had some back problems & my sons gave me a bench top oven so I don’t have to bend down, & it’s great, a very good size & because it’s up on the bench every time I use it I just wipe it out like with my microwave, hardly ever use my stove oven anymore.

      • Di  

        I replaced my big oven with a single dishdrawer dishwasher and bought a benchtop oven. Fits a decent size roasting dish or baking sheet, and so much more energy efficient than my old oven.
        Best move ever.

    • The rule in my house is clean the oven after every use. It’s over tens years since it was last used. B|

  2. I wonder if this would work on glass top stove?

    • You can buy a scraper with replaceable blades and I used Ajax on my daughter’s hotplate. You can also buy special cleaning products!

    • Thanks Josie i have the scraper which i don’t seem to need to use and i use the hot plate cleaner that i buy at the supermarket but doesn’t seem to really clean it. I am not a messy cook but it is frustrating for it not to be shiny,if you know what i mean

    • Stainless steel Scourer (it doesn’t scratch) with Ajax helps! I certainly know what you mean!

  3. I buy a spray cleaner from my local sallies charity shop.. it cleans everything. Stove tops. Grease. Glass Baths toilets everything .smells eucalyptusy

  4. I rent and I have a stove like this! Problem solved went and bought an induction hotplate and an microwave/convection oven! Bonus, save on electricity!!! ☺

  5. Find stove top easy clean after use,and wipe spills immediately,mine is stainless steel,oven finger print proof but stove top needs a shine after cleaning,but just rub it over with microfibre cloth easy…oven electric stove top gas,don’t like electric hot plates..

  6. I have a stove top like this & use gumption & a toothbrush so I dont scratch the enamel and for stains on the top just turn them all on high for 5 min ,then wait for them to get cold and wipe off.
    Good as new !!!!!

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