Spirituality in your 60s: How to find your path and purpose

When some people think of spirituality, they think of hippies beating drums at the full moon, or a witch with

When some people think of spirituality, they think of hippies beating drums at the full moon, or a witch with incense and sage burning. These are stereotypes that have long since been broken – high-powered CEOS to the local baker to the woman down the street have all found true peace and happiness just by connecting with their spiritual sides. It doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it to everyone, in fact many people you know may be deeply spiritual without you even realising.

As we get to our 60s and beyond, we can face questions and doubts. We can be disappointed that we haven’t become who we thought, or have a lifetime of regrets or pain. We can realise that we’ve been living a lie or don’t have a purpose any more because our kids have left home and we have retired. We still want to live a life that matters.

A general idea of spirituality is that we are all intrinsically linked through a higher power, whether it be God or a spiritual god. We all have a spiritual purpose to fulfil in this life on earth but setbacks, good and bad, can put us off our spiritual path. Many people in the world have a religion because they feel there is a higher power, and this all comes under the spiritual banner, though spirituality is not always linked to religion.

If you searching for your spiritual path, there are a number of things you can do to find what you are looking for:


Meditation might seem like hippy mumbo jumbo to some but its benefits are endless. Even just one minute of sitting quietly without distractions will be wonders for your stress levels. A gradual way to get started meditating is to increase your meditation time every month. Start this month with just one minute per day, then next month two, the next three and so on. Once you master meditation you will feel much more connected to your spiritual guide and will feel clarity and peace.

Look for the message 

When faced with an issue, instead of wondering “why me?”, consider what the lesson or message it holds is. It might seem like an unfathomable thing for a spiritual guide to want to put you through but in times of deep suffering, it’s how we come out the other side that really shows us our resilience.

Also, try looking at those coincidences you see in your life. These are often a sign from a higher power to help you make sense of another area of your life.

Surround yourself with good people

It can be hard but you will notice almost immediately how good it feels when you get rid of people in your life who just bring you down. They cause nothing but pain yet for some reason we keep them around. It’s better to surround yourself even with just a handful of people who are kind and loving towards you.

Pay attention to your dreams

Tuning into your dreams is an easy way to tap into your unconscious mind and make sense of situations. You don’t have to run out and buy a dream dictionary either – if you have a gut feeling that a dream means something, you’re probably right. Get in the habit of writing down your dreams when you wake up, and they will increasingly get more vivid.

Channel understanding for others

Another way to really feel your purpose and spirituality is to channel understanding for others. Yes, some people can be very mean or frustrating, but just know that everyone is going through their own things and aren’t the same as you. We can be so concerned with others and what they do and don’t do that we can get jaded or forget our own issues. We may also neglect others who are struggling because we feel they should harden up or are just complaining. Don’t fight fire with fire, just act in love – even giving it a few seconds before you blurt out something you shouldn’t will help.

Do something you love

By doing things you love to do you are freeing your mind of stresses and worry and you become more excited about life, therefore reaching your inner spirit. It will lift you from the burden of just existing.

Connect with your feelings daily

Many people do this by simply meditating, while others just lie there and close their eyes. Whatever you do, just thinking about why you feel a certain way and letting the meotion pass through you is a good way to get in touch with your spiritual side and work through any issues.

Eliminate ego

One of the greatest mountains human souls have to cross is their ego. Recognise negative thoughts and stop looking down on others. Spirituality is about trusting in your life’s path, even when times get tough. Also, leave behind products, labels and appearance – these are all just things to distract us from the reality of our situations. You and others are more than a fancy handbag or pair of shoes.


Tell us, are you a spiritual person? Will you give any of these tips a go?